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Fall in Love with Derby Originals Soft Mesh Hay Nets!

Fall in Love with Derby Originals Soft Mesh Hay Nets!

There are many reasons to use or not to use a hay net, and one of the biggest factors against their use is that they can pose a safety hazard. Hay nets are commonly made from a stiff, waxed poly rope that does not hold a tight knot, is prone to fraying, and poses the dangerous potential of being able to cause rubs and sores around the horse's mouth and gums, and lead to tooth damage.

In some tragic cases, traditional poly rope hay nets have even caused the death of an animal or serious injury.

To combat these concerns, the design team at Derby Originals came up with a safer solution! They designed a hay net that was made entirely of a soft, flexible, and mildew, mold, and rot resistant, flat poly rope. Unlike it's cheaper stiff poly cousin, this rope holds knots tight and will not come loose, and has a very soft and slightly stretchable texture that is very easy on a horse's mouth and gums, and will not cause rubs or fur loss.

Why Buy Soft Mesh?

Derby Originals' soft mesh hay nets are made from a soft, pliable poly mesh unlike any other brand's on the market! Unlike the cheap, sharp hay nets you commonly see being sold, these hay nets feel smooth and soft to the touch and are much more gentle on your horse's teeth and gums than a traditional net.

The knots in these hay nets hold tight, unlike poly rope knots, which means the openings cannot shift and allow a horse's leg or another body part to become trapped inside. These nets have been tested extensively with foals and smaller animals and they were not able to get their feet caught, if they did paw at them they could always immediately free themselves.

Protect Your Horse's Dental Health

Dental studies have shown that the use of metal, hard poly rope, or other harsh materials can cause significant gum and tooth damage in livestock such as horses. The rough material of a traditional poly net is grating and irritating against a horse's lips and gums, and over time, repeatedly feeding on a hay net can cause excess tooth damage and wear, or gum and mouth abrasions and hair loss on the muzzle.

Equine dentists often recommend the use of softer materials for your horse's long-term health. If your horse has sensitive teeth and gums or refuses to eat out of a regular hay net, try one of our soft mesh nets!

These hay nets have been tested with many sizes, ages, and types of horses, and in every single case, when the horse was offered identical hay from a poly rope net, and a soft mesh net, they only wanted to eat from the soft mesh net. The difference is clear and immediate- simply feel the difference between these soft mesh nets and other hay nets and you'll notice how soft, flexible, and supple these feel!

Personal Experience

I own and breed miniature horses, and decided to give these Derby Originals' soft mesh nets a try with three horses: my stallion Jack, my broodmare Misty, and their month old filly Phantom.

Jack is a young stallion and is extremely destructive and rowdy with anything he comes into contact with, and loves to paw at, chew on, and generally attempt to break anything you put in front of him. I left a soft mesh hay net in his stall with him, and out in the pasture, and for both he was able to play with and toss them without doing any damage and, could easily and safely eat from them.

Misty is a very small mare but she had a big problem, her giant teeth! She has very large teeth which can cause her discomfort while eating due to her biting the insides of her gums, etc. She hates eating out of hay nets because of it. When I presented her with a soft mesh hay net though, she was able to comfortably eat from it and didn't show any signs of discomfort, which she usually does.

Her foal Phantom was able to nibble on the hay with her, and even though she kept trying to play with and paw at the hay net, her hooves never became stuck!

Phantom & Misty Share Soft Mesh Hay Net

The Difference is Clear- Soft Mesh is a Winner!

The soft mesh poly material is higher-quality, softer, and easier on your horse's mouth than standard rough poly mesh. It's also less brittle and more flexible and slightly stretchable, meaning stuffing your hay net and moving it is far easier.

Polyester materials are also rot, mildew, and ultraviolet ray resistant, meaning that your hay net will stay usable for much longer! These soft mesh hay nets are made from a poly rope with a breaking force of over 2000lbs, making them tough enough to withstand the abuse horses inflict upon hay nets on a regular basis.

Do your horse a favor and give our soft nets a try!

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