Hay Bags

It's no secret that different times throughout the day or night at the farm can get a little chaotic. . . and meal time is one of them.  Using one of our hay bags; nets; etc is one way to make certain that your horse is not eating too quickly.  As well as keeping their food source off the ground. Our patented Derby Slow feed 4 sided hay bag is great for any horse; including a special needs horse that has gotten in trouble trying to eat too fast.  Hay bags/nets are also a necessity for traveling as you can put them directly in the trailer or hang for them while they are waiting at the park or show!  Tack Wholesale has an awesome selection for every horse and feeding circumstance.  From traditional poly-rope nets, small opening slow feed nets, to canvas hay bags.  Don't forget the patented and warrantied 4 Sided-Slow Feed Hay bags, we're positive you'll find the best for your horse.