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Why Feed Slow?

Why Feed Slow?


            Horses are grazers meant to ingest small amounts of food throughout the day. This is a natural way for horses to feed. Horses partake in foraging, which allows their digestive system to run continuously throughout the day. When horses enact in slow feeding throughout the day it keeps their digestive tract moving similar to foraging, and helps to prevent colics. Colics and painful stomach ulcers can occur from your horse eating too much at once and not digesting food properly. It also helps decrease secretion of cortisol, which when increased leads to higher levels of insulin and fat storage. Slow feeding is a simple way to aid in digestion without spending more on different feeding products. A slow feeding hay bag is a terrific way to maintain portion control without always being present. You will soon find out that this technique keeps a horses interest longer, and combats boredom without stressing out horses at meals.


            Slow feeding is one of the best ways to provide hay for horses. The Derby Originals 4 sided hay bag features 1.75" x 1.75", 2" x 2", and 1.75" x 3.5". These small openings make your horses work more for their meals. Your horse will take longer to navigate small amounts of hay out of these openings, so feeding does not take place all at once. It also gives the animal access to plenty of food 24/7.


            When introducing a horse to slow feeding, it is better to select a bag with larger openings so the horse maintains interest and doesn't become too frustrated or disinterested with their meal. If a horse has digestive issues slow feeding bags with the smaller openings are a better pick to help them chew longer and eat slower and throughout the day. A small change like that can improve their digestive system's health.

Slow Feed Options


Derby Originals patented 4 sided hay bag comes in various styles for specific feeding needs. Feeding in a natural process with access to food on all areas of the bag!

Derby Originals 4 Sided Slow Feed Hay Bags

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