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The Scoop on Derby Dog Coats' Hydro Cooling Jackets!

The Scoop on Derby Dog Coats' Hydro Cooling Jackets!

Derby Originals Hydro Cooling Dog Jackets


Derby Originals’ line of Derby Dog Coats is well known for making rugged yet attractive coats and jackets for dogs of all sizes. We’re proud to carry their entire line of products, including their new Hydro Cooling jacket!


Authors Note: As of June 2018, Derby’s Hydro Cooling Jacket is available in two new colors: Orange and Pink!





Derby’s hydro cooling jackets are constructed with an ultra-thin and lightweight quilted material that features a waterproof inner fabric lining which stops water from seeping onto your dog.


OUTER LAYER: The heat reflecting outer layer blocks and repels harmful UV rays while enabling for evaporation. This cools your dog in the same manner that sweat cools you down on a hot day: by allowing liquid to evaporate and lower the skin temperature.

MIDDLE LAYER: The middle layer is made with a special filling which absorbs and retains the water you pour on the jacket to keep your dog cool and comfortable for up to 10 hours!

INNER LAYER: The third layer stays dry when in use, and works to keep your dog’s coat and skin cool. When your dog’s blood circulates, the colder areas the jacket covers are able to cool the blood and tissue down and prevent your dog from overheating.


Unlike traditional cooling vests, the Derby Hydro Cooling Jacket features a tall collar to help shade your dog's sensitive neck from the sun (or, if you don’t need the collar, it can be folded down!) while simultaneously cooling it down with the natural cooling power of evaporating water.


Derby’s Hydro Cooling Jacket has a built-in slot to slip harness or collar parts through. This is great for dogs who wear step-through or slip-on harnesses as our opening is wide enough to accommodate most harness and collar attachments through.


Even if your dog is already wearing Derby’s Hydro Cooling Jacket, you can still pour fresh water onto the jacket to re-activate the cooling effect without getting your dog's fur wet. This means you can make sure the jacket is wet and working without having to take it off.


Derby’s Hydro Cooling Jackets are built with a neck collar to help keep your dog's neck cool. If not desired, the neck collar can be folded down and out of the way, turning the Hydro Cooling Coat into a collarless jacket and leaving the neck open so you can easily attach a leash to your dog's collar. The jacket functions perfectly, either way, so the choice is up to you!


If you have an older dog, Derby’s Hydro Cooling Jacket can help keep them comfortable by keeping their joints cool. This cooling effect helps prevent swelling and alleviate arthritis pain. Two dogs we tested these jackets on, Ruby (14, Australian Shepherd) and Lizzy (12, Australian Shepherd) loved theirs! It allows them to stay cool, comfortable, and happy so they can run and play like young dogs again!

How It Works

Step 1: Submerge in Cold Water

Submerge the Hydro Cooling Jacket in cold water until the entire blanket is sufficiently wet. If you use colder water the jacket will cool your dog for a longer period of time. On days that are cooler, you can use room temperature water for a milder cooling effect. We do not recommend using warm water as this could overheat your dog.

Step 2: Remove Excess Water

After submerging/soaking the Hydro Cooling Jacket, be sure to wring all of the excess water off. The jacket should only feel damp and not soaking wet to the touch and should not be wet enough to drip. Once the excess water is wrung out, the jacket is ready to be placed on your dog for up to 10 hours.

Step 3: Keep Your Dog Cool for up to 10 Hours

Once your Hydro Cooling Jacket is prepped, all you have to do is place the jacket on your dog and your dog will be ready to have fun in the sun while staying cool and comfortable! All you have to do is periodically check and make sure the jacket is still cool, and re-wet it if need be.

When you take your dog's Hydro Cooling Jacket off, you'll be amazed at how cool their fur feels! The jacket leaves the fur cold to the touch. This helps your dog stay cool and prevents overheating. Your dog's fur also stays dry thanks to the three-layer quilted technology of the jacket, meaning you won't have to dry or towel them off after.

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