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Dealer Program

Please be aware that by submitting a dealer application, you agree to abide by all of our dealer terms of service. Refusal to abide by our terms of service will result in an immediate suspension of your dealer account.

To ensure the safety, proper use, and distribution of Tackwholesale products, the following terms and conditions apply to all dealer accounts. These terms and conditions must be upheld by all Tack Wholesale dealers and will be strictly enforced. We also reserve the right to revoke dealership status at any time, with or without prior notice due to any violation of our policy, bad business practices, inflammatory dealings with us, or any other reason we deem worthy of suspension. These terms and conditions may also be updated at any time with or without the dealers’ consent. Please remember that as a dealer, you are a branch of the Tack Wholesale name, and your behavior and business practice should reflect such.


We do not offer any drop ship for our dealers at any time. All dealers are required to purchase and keep stock of our products for resale to protect the customers and avoid confusion with our inventory. Any seller who sells products on Amazon or Walmart will not be accepted as a dealer.


Our express written consent must be obtained to use any of our product images, descriptions or other sales and promotional material online, in online stores, or in print form. An application for this permission can be obtained upon request. Each product image or description must be accounted for, and upon approval, Tackwholesale will mail hard copies to you. Copying pictures or descriptions from the Tackwholesale website is not permitted. Violation of this policy will cause your dealership status to be revoked indefinitely.


There is a requirement of a minimum opening order of $1,000.00.This first order must be fulfilled within 30 days after your account is activated.

After this initial order, there is a $150 order minimum requirement for each following order thereafter.  We reserve the right to cancel any initial dealer order that does not fulfill these requirements. If no orders are placed on your dealer account for more than one full calendar year, your dealer status will be revoked.


If your dealer application is approved by us you will be notified via an email. As a next step you are required to pay a one time processing fee of $39.95 to finalize your acceptance into our dealer program. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid within one week of your acceptance into our program. As a next step your dealer account will be activated by us and a confirmation will be sent to you when this is completed. At this point only your account will be ready to shop with your dealer discounts when you log into your account to make purchases online.


We ask that you respect any and all copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc. on all products purchased through our system. Copying product designs of any products we carry and manufacturing them independently are prohibited, as is in violation of any copyrights or patents that exist on products we sell. If you are found to violate any of the above terms, your dealer status will be revoked immediately & appropriate action will be taken.

Any dealer who is found to be making negative or derogatory comments about Tack wholesale or any of the products we sell on any social media platform, to other dealers, or in any circumstance will have their dealer status indefinitely revoked & further necessary action will be taken. By agreeing to become a Tack Wholesale dealer, you agree to only uphold Tack Wholesale and the products we sell in a positive light to your customers, other dealers, etc.


Dealers are barred from misrepresenting products that are purchased through us. Representing products as being manufactured specifically for a certain company or stable is not allowed. Please be truthful and correct when presenting our products to your customers. If we find that a situation like that is occurring, your dealer status will be revoked.


The Tack wholesale website is copyrighted. This information is displayed prominently at the bottom of the screen for your perusal. Any copying or selling of the Tack wholesale web design is strictly prohibited.


Our dealer pricing is only available to approved dealers and is confidential. By becoming a dealer, you agree to not share our dealer only product pricing with anyone who is not a registered Tack Wholesale dealer. Doing so will make you eligible to have your dealer account immediately suspended.

MAP Pricing is strictly enforced by Tack Wholesale. Our dealers are required to adhere to our MAP policy. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your dealer account, without any warning. 


Dealers who have had their dealer account revoked/suspended for breaking our terms of service may be able to re-open their dealer account after agreeing in writing to uphold our terms of service. Dealers who wish to reopen a suspended account will be responsible for paying our $39.95 dealer fee again. This fee will be non-refundable and will not count towards store credit. The formerly suspended dealer will also be responsible for placing another $750.00 minimum order within one month of re-opening their dealer account. If this is not done, permanent suspension will occur on that account.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the aforementioned policies, please feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at 330-494-8225. We would like to thank you for your support and we wish you the best of luck with your business!

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