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Choosing the Perfect Blanket: Part 4, How to Choose the Right Blanket Weight for Your Horse

Now that you have learned how to size your horse for a blanket and get the correct blanket size for your horse, you will need to learn how to identify the blanket that best fits your horse’s individual needs.

Some factors to consider when deciding on a blanket model are:

  • TYPE: Will you be using this blanket for your horse when they are indoors, outside, or both?
  • MATERIAL/STRENGTH: Is your horse destructive on blankets? Will your horse be around other horses who are destructive on blankets?
  • WEIGHT: How cold is the average daytime and nighttime temperature in your area? Does your horse have a full winter coat or are they body clipped?

Now that you have had time to consider and think over these important factors for determining what type blanket your horse needs, we will go over each of these factors and detail what blankets you should choose based on your responses.

In this section of this series, we will cover how to choose a blanket weight.

How cold are the average daytime and nighttime temperatures in your area? Does your horse have a full winter coat or are they body clipped?

After choosing the material you want your blanket to be made from, the next most important thing to decide is what fill your horse’s blanket will need to have. The “fill” of a blanket refers to the inner filling that is designed to provide extra warmth.

The fill you need largely depends on the temperature in your areas, as well as your horse’s body condition, cold tolerance, and the thickness of their hair coats. Below is a chart showing what fill weight is recommended for clipped and unclipped horses down to a certain temperature.

Please note this chart is a general guideline and if your horse is older, in poor condition, or has a very thin coat that otherwise makes it harder for them to regulate their temperature, they may need a warmer blanket than what is recommended.

Now that you know the blanket weight you need, you’re one step closer to finding the perfect blanket to suit your horse! Up next, learn how to identify the fill/weight of blanket that your horse needs.

If you have any further questions about what blanket your horse should wear, please contact us at or by phone at (330)-494-8225, we’re always happy to help!

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