124 reviews for Derby Slow Feed Hay Bags Nylon with Super Tough Bottom
  • Diana R. Dubbeld - February 22, 2017

Fast shipping, quality item for the price. Makes two flakes last 8 hours!

  • Michelle Mcfall - January 23, 2017

Perfect, hopefully my mare won't rip this one to shreds, it's made very well

  • Paula Nilsson - September 12, 2016

Great quality heavy duty hay bag. Very happy with this purchase.

  • Kathy Steele - August 17, 2016

Hay bags were exactly what I wanted. And they arrived so quickly! Excellent service.

  • Sandra Bommert - June 10, 2016

super easy to put hay into and attach to the fence or stall. My horse who likes to remodel (read chew up) everything hasn't chewed this one up yet and he's been using it for months.

  • J Kokot - May 02, 2016

Excellent hay feeder. Thank you!

  • Anne Browning - March 11, 2016

Well made product and SUPER for use in horse trailers for longer trips!

  • Cathy Mall - February 01, 2016

Love these hay bags. I use them for my minis and just ordered 2 more for the big horses. Durable and help to stop the wasting of hay. Easy to load and hang. Wonderful investment.

  • Todd R - January 28, 2016

I have purchased several feed bags over the years, none that have held up as well, especially as a slow feed bag. I purchased a more expensive bag locally, it only took 2 days for the horses to destroy, 1 week for the straps to fail, and 12 days for the material to tear. Derby slow feed bags are very durable and good quality, I am very pleased

  • Mem - December 24, 2015

I have only gone on one trip with this hay bag so far, but it looks sturdy enough and hangs against the wall of the trailer flatter than the "regular" nylon slow feed hay bag did. It is easy to fill with hay and my horse does not seem to mind it all. Overall, a successful buy. :-)

  • Sarah Detrick - October 26, 2015

These hay bags seem very tough, and I think they will last a long time. The one issue I have found is the Velcro closure at the top does not stay closed, even when only one small flake is placed in bag. As a result, my horses mainly eat out of top opening. It still slows down their eating, but a fair amount spills onto the floor because they are able to get large amounts of hey through top of bag.

  • Christy G - September 28, 2015

Great item, good price, fast shipping. VERY pleased!

  • Michelle Terpening - July 29, 2015

Love these bags! Super strings! Won't go to a show without these.

  • Kent Rogers - July 11, 2015

Product was just as described, shipping was fast.

  • Shirley Markham - May 08, 2015

For the money=they hold up pretty well. I have a pony that really goes at the bag with a determination to tear them up. And, he does after a while; but, I have learned not to attach the bottom of the bag to the wall. And, to pull a little bit of hay through a few holes to get him started and they last a lot longer. But, I have tried several bags and these are the VERY BEST!!

  • Sandra San Clemente - April 26, 2015

Seems to be working quite well for my mare. We've cut back on her hay and at least with this it takes her longer to eat and she can't inhale it as she likes to do.

  • Sadie Lukens - March 21, 2015

I am really impressed with the hay bags and will be buying more sometime soon. I have one horse that wastes most of her hay and it was always thrown about in her stall. Now her stall is clean and there is just a small pile of hay dust under it. I have had them for almost two months and use it every day.The screen material in the bottom has worked great with one horse but the other mare is slowly chewing it away which is not a big deal but that would be the only flaw at this point.

  • Michael Ferola - March 11, 2015

I LOVE these hay bags! I first saw them over 2 years ago at Tack Wholesale & decided to try them. They work great. The horses are not eating off of the ground where they could ingest sand, dirt etc. The horses are now eating slower (which is better for them) and it makes the hay last for longer periods of time. Add to that the MONEY that is saved by using these bags to prevent the horses from just dragging the hay around in the dirt, mud & trampling it makes it the best deal around. Very reasonably priced & for the money saved in hay pays for itself in no time. All of my horses eat from these bags from the minis to the draft. Great colors too!

  • Shari R - February 17, 2015

Haven't used it yet, but beautiful color & fast shipping Thank you! A+

  • Lisa Schaefer - January 27, 2015

I had previously used Nibble Nets for 5 years and went to order more for my horses to use outside. They were so expensive so I bought a couple of Tack Wholesales Nylon slow feed hay bags and they are excellent. The only thing I don't like is that you can't remove the bottom strap. I would use that strap to secure to a fence post outside, but in the stall, I don't have something to wrap it around so I just let is dangle not hooked because I don't want a leg to get caught in it. I have had these for about 6 weeks now with no complaints.

  • Patricia B - January 02, 2015

love these slow feeders

  • Linda Lemieux - December 31, 2014

I like the feeder -- I've used one daily for 3 years. The only issue I have with them is that the D-rings on both the front and the back should be located further out to the edges. I have them moved before I use them now. Otherwise, it holds up quite well. I have had the straps replaced for a couple of the middle squares, but that's to be expected with daily use.

  • Linda Lemieux - December 31, 2014

I like the feeder -- I've used one daily for 3 years. The only issue I have with them is that the D-rings on both the front and the back should be located further out to the edges. I have them moved before I use them now. Otherwise, it holds up quite well. I have had the straps replaced for a couple of the middle squares, but that's to be expected with daily use.

  • Stephany A - November 11, 2014

Very pleased with product .

  • Cynthia C - November 05, 2014

Good quality

  • Lynn T - October 20, 2014

Very, very pleased with the hay bag. Was exactly what I wanted.

  • Ronnie B - October 08, 2014


  • Shirley Markham - October 04, 2014

I have a destructive pony who has torn up two previous Derby Hay bags in the past six months. I finally figured out that leaving the bottom of the bag un-attached to the stall wall does not allow the pony to pull on the bag so much. Love the Derby Hay bags. And, I also could not believe how quickly I received them after placing my order. And, even an E-Mail telling me they were at my front door. Magical!!!

  • Melissa - August 29, 2014

The black nylon netting at the bottom of the feeders is not very strong. One of my horses tore it the first night it was used. The rest of the feeder is holding up so far and the netting doesnt appear to be important for holding the hay in.

  • Audrey Fee - July 29, 2014

I like these bags, just wish they came with smaller holes. They have held up really well.

  • Heather P - July 22, 2014

fast shipping. Hay bag looks to be of good quality. Better than a similar item i already own that was more expensive!

  • Kathryn Storm - July 17, 2014

This works great for my mini!!!

  • Kathryn R - July 17, 2014


  • Audrey Fee - June 18, 2014

These slow feeder bags are working out great! The only thing I would change would be a hole size option. But they do slow my mares down.

  • Jamie M - May 27, 2014

fast shipping!

  • Steven S - May 27, 2014

Love the hay bags. Fast shipper. Will be buying from here again.

  • Julie Flanigan - May 20, 2014

The slow feed nylon hay bags are awesome. Easy to fill and hang perfectly for the horses to access them. So far I have used them everyday and they still look new. The only suggestion I have would be to make the webbing closer together to slow the horses down a little more. I have miniature horses and a 2 inch opening is ok but a 1 1/2 opening would be perfect!!! Great product, stands up to everyday wear and tear. The ordering was simple and fast. The item arrived when they said it would. Nothing but good things to say!

  • Wendy F - May 06, 2014

Great feed bags. Very fast shipping. Thanks!! A+++

  • Terry K - April 24, 2014

fast shipping, good product, good price

  • Vivian Oden - April 19, 2014

My order came really quick. The bags seem strong and sturdy so looking forward to using them - they were recommended by a friend and she says they are great.

  • Mary Ontiveros - April 11, 2014

We have had these for about a month and we LOVE them.

  • Nancy Sumera - March 30, 2014

Bags are great , so was the salesperson that helped me!

  • Colleen Chretien - March 25, 2014

Love these hay bags for my minis. I put one in each stall for two ladies and it holds more then enough and saves money as they no longer spread hay out all over the floor. I would definitely recommend!

  • Colleen Chretien - March 25, 2014

Love these hay bags for my minis. I put one in each stall for two ladies and it holds more then enough and saves money as they no longer spread hay out all over the floor. I would definitely recommend!

  • Rebecca L - March 21, 2014

Sent quickly. Will probably buy from them again in the future if they have something I need.

  • Kerri M - March 20, 2014

Thank you

  • Anne D - March 17, 2014

Good quality item at a good price, thank you.

  • Dani S - March 12, 2014

Excellent construction, quick delivery. When it is time to replace these, I will be ordering from this seller again.

  • Lee Rust - March 09, 2014

I like them a lot, I have 3 Donkeys, I have noticed some wear on the inner lining ,cracks , ect, do you have other , more durable slow feed bags ? I would like to get another set, I'm definitely glade I bought them. !

  • Melissa - March 03, 2014

I have had this hay net about two months, my horse uses it daily, and the bottom has completely separated from the net. It didn't start as a hole or anything just ripped off. We only fill it with one to two flakes at a time (depending on the size) so I am incredibly disappointed with it. She isn't a rough eater, doesn't play with the bag or anything. Too bad!

  • Robin A - January 15, 2014

AWESOME, Fast ship, great communication, LOVE these feed bags, thanks !

  • Tommy S - August 27, 2013

works great for pet goats, no wasting of hay

  • Joan M. - August 05, 2013

Thanks, great seller and fast shipping!!!

  • Carrie L - July 05, 2013

Great quality item.

  • Daniel M - June 15, 2013

Fast! Awesome!

  • Julie D - June 05, 2013

love this hay feeder... fast shipping too Thanks.. A+

  • Carrie B - June 01, 2013

Great quality product. Fast ship!

  • Lisa Y - May 17, 2013

Good quality. Fast shipping. Great seller

  • Jessica K - April 23, 2013

Great seller, fast shipper!

  • Randy H - April 12, 2013

Big beautiful and cant wait to use. thanks so much.

  • Ronda L F - April 11, 2013

A+++ All The Way!!!

  • Judy G - April 09, 2013

Thank You

  • Heidi P - April 06, 2013

Love these! This is my second set and they are awesome.

  • Mud Hole Designs - March 13, 2013

nice hay bags. thank you

  • Jill H - March 01, 2013

Excellent eseller as always THANK YOU!!

  • Jonette Y - February 21, 2013

Exactly as described, super fast shipping, wonderful transaction!

  • Maureen F - February 15, 2013

Fast shipping item as described will purchase again

  • Kim G - February 15, 2013

Excellent product!! Quick shipping! A++++

  • Patti S - February 04, 2013

super fast shipping and great customer service as always. Great seller.

  • Ronnie B - February 04, 2013

These are awesome! Thanks!

  • A. P - February 02, 2013

Excellent Product! Fast shipping. Bailee LOVES her feedbag!

  • Kathleen S - February 01, 2013


  • Douglas C - January 16, 2013

Great communication and shipping. A+++++++

  • Diane - January 12, 2013

LOVE these hay bags!!! They work great, keeps them busy slowly eating their hay and out of trouble. I have two IR horses and their hay intake has to be controlled yet they can't stand around for hours with nothing to do after they gobble up their ration. These hay bags extend the length of time that it takes to eat their hay and better for their health to keep them nibbling at it for longer periods of time. Great quality, construction and price! And just think that I paid more than DOUBLE for a similar hay bag a year ago and I like this one BETTER!

  • Bill W - January 04, 2013

Good service. Bags are large and very nice!

  • Kelly A - January 02, 2013

Love the bag! Great color, and love that it has straps top and bottom! Thanks!

  • Michele W - December 15, 2012

work great! Good quality!

  • Patti S - December 12, 2012

Quality bag, great price, faster than expected shipping. A+

  • Marilyn L - December 12, 2012

Greyt transaction. Mad pony goes from 1 hour to 3.5 hours to eat her hay ;<)

  • Dianne C - December 01, 2012


  • Jane S - December 01, 2012

Very fast shipping. Satisfied with transaction-Thanks! Good communication!

  • David D - November 21, 2012

Great feed bags once my horses figured them out they loved them will buy more

  • Karen P - November 17, 2012

Well made hay bags! Shipped quickly. Good seller!

  • Laurie C - November 12, 2012

Filled it and hung it last evening, my horse is happily munching away!

  • Christine E - November 08, 2012

Love these hay bags. Terrific seller with quick delivery THANKS!

  • Jill H - November 05, 2012

Wow! Great company to work with, FANTASTIC Thank you!!

  • Lavy H - October 22, 2012

great hay bags

  • Grace N - October 09, 2012

Nice hay bag well get more AAA+++

  • Sue M - October 04, 2012

Prompt shipping, excellent product!

  • Autumn B - October 01, 2012

Love the Product and hope to do more business in the future!

  • Manny V - October 01, 2012

All around good deal. As described and SUPER fast shipping. Thanks!

  • Alex Y - September 20, 2012

Fast shipping and quality product, thanks!! A+++++

  • Gayle W - September 17, 2012

this is a superioir product to the slowfeeder net. Better and cheaper!!

  • Gina F - August 30, 2012

Qualtiy hay bag. Fast shipping!

  • Starry J - August 22, 2012

Awesome bag at a great price! Even with shipping!

  • Gordon H - August 22, 2012

good price, product as advertised

  • Larry B - August 21, 2012


  • Charley S - August 20, 2012


  • Kathleen D - August 13, 2012

great product - got one for each of my horses! thank you

  • Robert J - August 11, 2012

just what i needed!

  • Toni M - July 30, 2012

Great product at a great price! Thank you.

  • Kyrie J - July 18, 2012

Horse on stall rests best friend -very pleased! great price!

  • Heidi P - June 29, 2012

Nice item.

  • Dianne D - June 22, 2012

very satisfied with items and seller

  • Brenda O - June 15, 2012

great item shipping to nevada was a touch slower then estimated date told!

  • Debbie S - June 04, 2012

**Great seller**Prompt shipping**Thank you** :-)

  • Sue - June 01, 2012

Absolutely love this bag. It's more heavy duty than any other I've seen and holds more hay. I ordered three and they've worked so well, I just ordered three more. Highly recommend it!

  • Becky - February 27, 2012

Started using my bag five days ago. Most satisfied and am ordering two more. My haflinger is an eating machine, self centered and "ruff" on everything. Haflingers tend to founder and it is necessary to monitor their food. Never any grain (she was 11 months and is now 13 years) just first cutting hay. After the first time, she looks at the bag out of the corner of her eye as obviously it takes work to eat however; I am amazed how the bag is emptied with virtually NO waste, never gave a thought to the savings, just wanted to slow down the intake. Am happy with the amount of hay held, size of top opening and it appears most durable. I agree the clips are weak and a hazard to the way my horse abuses the bag. Immediately I used brass double end clips. Would recommend highly with the warning of weak clips that could cause injury to the horse - do a modification with stronger clips.

  • Leslie Page - February 19, 2012

This was just what my horse needed and it arrived even faster than I expected! Thank-you!

  • Sherri Anderson - February 15, 2012

No problems with this bag at all except it needs stronger clips!

  • Susan Kirkland - February 09, 2012

Our horse was recently diagnosed with gastric ulcers a couple months after going from full-time pasture board to another stable where she is stall boarded. To help stretch out her hay eating time, I upped her hay and bought this hay bag for her stall. It's easy to fill and she eats from the hay bag before going to the hay that's on the floor. Only negative is that she likes to wet her hay with her water, so the bag gets pretty wet. It seems to work fine in spite of that and she can almost empty the bag completely.

  • Hillary Horn - February 02, 2012

Very nice for the price. The clips could be a little more heavy duty, but I just added some small double ended snaps to make it easier to open and close. Good size openings for the hay- not too small but still keeps hay from being scattered. My horses enjoy eating from this hay bag.

  • Tana - January 21, 2012

These bags were exactly what I wanted in a hay bag. It is very well made and keeps my horses busy for a long time with their hay instead of being gone in an hour after i fed them. I love using it in their stalls and i love the whole idea that its not permanent or fixed on the wall...I can take it when i go trail riding!

  • Kristin Finn - December 30, 2011

sturdy, roomy very happy with purchase

  • Jackie Councilman - December 27, 2011

Much better then the old one I had with the bigger holes

  • Heike Bartlett - December 22, 2011

very nice hay bags

  • Jeannine Verderosa - December 19, 2011

The bag itself is well constructed. However, one of the straps broke only after one day of using and the clips are starting to rust only after a month. The straps can probably be replaced.

  • Jane Sigona - May 18, 2011

Haven't used it yet, but looks good and sturdy

  • Katharina Hall - May 08, 2011

Well constructed, love it

  • Annette Sausser - May 05, 2011

A great safe way to feed while traveling. Better for corrals than horse trailers

  • Larry Starnes - April 24, 2011

These slow feed hay bags are going to be a keeper. I believe we will use this product along with a hay bag that is easier for the horse's to eat from. No frustration to get hay when they are really hungry & then this one to use so they can graze/nibble all day or all night.

  • Sue Thompson - March 03, 2011

very nice hay bag and easy to fill.

  • Betsi Haack - February 03, 2011

Haven't actually used it yet but I expect it will be fine.

  • Jan Norman - January 26, 2011

I love the Slow Feed bags. Keeps the horses busy while standing tied to the trailer. I don't like the marks the fabric leaves on the trailer when the bags are pushed around while the horses are feeding from them. Maybe I can attach some kind of soft fabric to the backs of the bags to solve that. STILL, the bags are excellent overall, and very well constructed.

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