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Paris Tack Premium Show Crochet Horse Fly Veil Bonnet with Forelock Opening and Soft Knit Ears - Provides Protection from Insects without Impairing Vision

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Paris Tack’s line of crochet fly ear nets/bonnets was designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. All of our crochet bonnets are hand made by skilled craftsmen and have an attention to detail that no machine can match. These bonnets are made of all-natural, soft materials that will not harm or irritate your horse’s sensitive ears. All of our bonnets feature our unique woven soft ear design that is comfortable for long-term wear, is impervious to flies, and as a bonus, helps to lightly block sounds, making these great for nervous or spooky horses. All of our ear nets also feature secure easy attachment neck straps that allow you to attach these to your bridle, or simply loop the strap around your horse to prevent slippage. Whether you’re looking to protect your horse against flies and other insects at the barn, in the arena, or on the trail, one of our many styles of bonnets is guaranteed to be perfect for you and your horse.


DESIGNED WITH YOUR HORSE’S COMFORT IN MIND - our ear nets feature a plush soft hand-woven crochet construction and soft-weave ear coverings that not only protect against biting insects but also dampen sounds that could otherwise spook your horse.

PROTECTS YOUR HORSE FROM PESTS - a horse’s ears and eyes are delicate and flies on the face will quickly cause your horse discomfort. This premium fly bonnet prevents flies from landing on or biting your horse’s ears or eyes to keep your horse happy and comfortable.

CLASSIC SHOW-RING WORTHY DESIGN - these elegant fly veils are made of high-quality materials and have been hand made by skilled craftsmen so that they are not only an important weapon against fly attacks but also the perfect show ring accessory to complement your horse.

UNIQUE FORELOCK OPENING - this fly bonnet features a unique and hard to find forelock opening that allows your horse's hair to be pulled through the bonnet, instead of hidden beneath.

INCLUDES AN EASY ATTACH STRAP - this premium fly bonnet has an easy to attach neck strap and loop closure that allows your bridle to be attached to your fly bonnet or the for the most secure fit possible, or the strap fitted around the neck to prevent slippage.