Derby Originals Polar Fleece Safety Winter Foal & Mini Horse Blanket with Warranty - Soft & Breathable Double-Layered No Hardware Fleece Sheet

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Derby Originals Polar Fleece Safety Winter Foal & Mini Horse Blanket has been designed to provide maximum amounts of both safety and comfort for your foal or mini horse. If you are looking for a durable, safe, and adjustable blanket that is designed with your horse’s comfort in mind, look no further!

DESIGNED WITH YOUR FOAL’S SAFETY IN MIND - our no-hardware foal and mini horse blankets have been tested extensively to ensure maximum safety, and are designed without hardware to prevent injury.

IDEAL FOR MOST WEATHER - our fleece blankets are made from double-layered soft, cozy polar fleece that is warm enough to protect your horse from chilly weather while our breathable exterior prevents overheating in warmer weather.

ADJUSTABLE FIT DESIGNED FOR GROWING FOALS - this blanket was designed with a double velcro chest and belly wrap system that allows for these blankets to adjust by 6” in length and girth to accommodate growing foals or for use with multiple horses.

DESIGNED FOR MAX COMFORT - this blanket features a no-rub soft fleece lining, a plush fleece wither protector, a soft fleece belly band, and an adjust-to-fit-neck.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY - this blanket comes with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty that protects against manufacturing/quality defects. Go to to register your product.