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Derby Originals Leather Vented Canvas Feed Bag with Padded Noseband and No-Waste Flap Design

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FEATURES NO-WASTE FLAP - this innovative feed bag contains an inner flap so that if your horse decides to try and flip their head, the fed inside the bag will be funneled into the flap, saving feed and preventing excess wastage.

NOSE PADDING FOR EXTRA COMFORT - this feed bag features non-bulky but soft padding along the noseband to prevent irritation or rubbing.

BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE - this canvas feed bag has a lightweight, breathable design and also features a sturdy leather ventilation patch to prevent excess moisture buildup and promote breathability.

BUILT TO LAST - these sturdy canvas feed bags were designed to last, with a strong, durable canvas, leather, and nylon construction featuring reinforced and bar tack stitching, a thick leather ventilation patch, and bottom nylon reinforcements.

PERFECT FOR MESSY EATERS OR ON THE TRAIL - these feed bags are ideal for messy eaters that spit out or waste feed, for or feeding multiple horses, giving supplements and dewormers in feed, or for use while camping or trail riding.