Derby Originals Ultra Flex Plush Microfiber Dog Bathrobe

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Derby Originals Ultra Flex Plush Microfiber Dog Bathrobe is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. Our premium bathrobe is made of an ultra-high-quality, plush, soft to the touch, and absorbent microfiber material that instantly wicks away excess water and is comfortable for your dog to wear. Unlike other inferior dog bathrobes made of rough materials, our design won’t irritate or mat up your dog’s fur and produces a quick-drying effect. Our bathrobes are also the first robe on the market to feature an expandable shoulder gusset to ensure your dog has complete and total freedom of movement while wearing this bathrobe. Our bathrobes are available in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large to fit dogs of most sizes.

  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR DOG’S COMFORT IN MIND - our deluxe dog bathrobe is made of only the highest quality and plushest microfiber and features an easy on/off design and expandable shoulder gusset for increased comfort.
  • GREAT FOR BATHING, GROOMING, OR RAINY DAYS - our dog bathrobes are great for drying your pet off after a bath or swim, keeping them clean and comfortable after being groomed, or for warming up/drying your pet off after a walk.
  • MADE FROM HIGH-QUALITY ABSORBENT MICROFIBER - our dog bathrobes feature a solid microfiber construction that is extremely soft to the touch and is designed to wick away and absorb the maximum amount of excess water from your dog’s coat.
  • FEATURING A SHOULDER GUSSET FOR FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - Other bathrobes can leave your dog feeling constrained. Our deluxe bathrobe is the only one on the market to feature an expandable shoulder gusset to allow your dog to walk/move freely.
  • UNIQUE BELLY-DRYING BELT DESIGN - our dog bathrobe features a tieable microfiber belt that is wider in the middle so that you can easily cover and dry your dog’s underside and prevent water from dripping off your dog’s belly.