Padded Double Handle Dog Leash Warranted Replaceable Snap 1" X 6'

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Soft nylon leash is perfect for training your dog to heel. No more wrapping the leash around your hand to shorten it. It's like two leashes in one! The high-quality nylon resists fraying. Hefty swivel hook securely attaches to D-ring on your dog's collar.

  •  TWO LEASHES IN ONE – Select from either a standard 4’ length or a longer 6’ length to suit your dog’s individual need. The second handle works as a traffic leash for that extra control
  •  WARRANTED SNAP – New snap design is heavy duty and will endure the weight of all dogs. If the snap does become worn, it can easily be removed and replaced by us
  •  EXTREME COMFORT – The neoprene padded handles will protect your hands from dogs that pull while providing comfort