Derby Originals Premium 4" Brass Round Eye Bolt Snaps - Ideal for Use in the Barn, Pasture, Home, or Garage

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Our premium 1” x 4” brass eye bolt snaps are ideal for a myriad of equine, barn, pet, household, garage, or automotive uses thanks to their heavy duty and high quality design and convenient sizing. These snaps are great for DIY projects and tack makers who are looking for premium hardware to add to their handmade leashes, lead ropes, halters, bridles, reins, wither straps, and more!


PREMIUM BRASS CONSTRUCTION - these sturdy bolt snaps are made from premium brass plated metal that is incredibly strong and long-lasting, and ideal for not only equestrian but also home, garage, and automotive uses.

CONVENIENT SIZING - these 1” eye hole snaps measure 4” long and are the perfect size for many applications such as using for lead ropes, leashes, bucket hangers, gate closures, and more! These snaps can accommodate up to 1” wide straps.

360 DEGREE SWIVEL - our bolt snaps can swivel 360 degrees, making them exceedingly easy to use for any application.

AVAILABLE IN LOTS OF 1 OR 6 - our bolt snaps are available in convenient lots of 1 or 6 snaps for a myriad of uses.

PERFECT FOR USE WITH TACK - these bolt snaps are the perfect size and shape for use with all major brands of lead ropes, as well as trailer and cross ties, and a million other applications!

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