Ringside 8 Items Horse Grooming Kit by Derby Originals

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Get all of your grooming items to match in this Grooming Kit by Derby Originals. Comfort grip ribs on the hoof pick and comb are easy on your hands, while the round-backed brushes fit easily in the palm of your hand.
  • This set is great for if you're just starting out or got another horse
  • Also handy to have a spare in your trailer
  • This set makes a great gift too!

Included Components:
  • Super Grip Soft Finishing Brush
  • Super Grip Dandy Brush
  • Contour Sweat Scraper and Curry Comb
  • Horse Bathing Sponge
  • Grooming Tote with Shoulder Strap
  • Super Grip Mane and Tail Comb
  • Super Grip Mane and Tail Brush
  • Super Grip Hoof Pick

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