Derby Custom Winter Blanket Storage Bag w/ Desiccants Free Brush

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This bag helps with easy storage of your winter blanket in the stable or on the go.

*Each bag has 4 small pockets inside. 4 Desiccant bags are added inside each bag to absorb moisture. We suggest adding mice repellent material like Baking Soda or mint tablets or leaves. If you are not allergic to Moth Balls, then you can add these too.*

**Contains silica gel desiccant bags - Keep away from children. Replace packets or dry these in oven**

  • Easy storage for your winter blanket, sheet, or cooler
  • 3 adjustable loops for easy hanging
  • Front mesh pockets for storage of grooming items
  • Plastic pocket for name tag
  • 23" X 19" X 9"
  • 4 inside pockets with 4 desiccant bags

Included Components:
  • FREE Medium Bristle Grooming Brush