Derby Originals Classic 420D Nylon Breathable Medium Weight Horse Stable Blankets

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Our Classic 420D Nylon Breathable Medium Weight Horse Stable Blankets were designed to maximize comfort and provide a lightweight and breathable fit for your horse. These blankets were designed to be used indoors, but also work great as an underlayment under a waterproof turnout sheet or blanket to help keep your horse warm when outside or at pasture.

  • DESIGNED FOR INDOOR USE - this stable blanket was specially designed to meet your horse’s indoor needs by being exceptionally warming, highly breathable for maximum comfort, and having a soft, moisture-wicking no-rub 210T nylon lining.
  • THE PERFECT WINTER BLANKET - this blanket is the perfect winter blanket for almost any horse and climate, due to it’s highly adjustable and classic features, comfy 150g of Polyfil, and sturdy 420D nylon shell.
  • COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE FIT - this blanket features a shoulder gusset for an advanced freedom of movement, a soft fleece wither protector, and a soft 210T nylon inner lining to prevent irritation on the hair coat.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS - this blanket comes in two classic colors: Royal Blue with Black Trim, and Red with Black Trim.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN - this stable blanket was designed to look like your favorite turnout blanket, but feature high-quality stable blanket features like being moisture wicking and breathable, and having a sturdy 420D nylon outer shell.

Sizing Information

This stable blanket is sized in the same manner that you will size any other horse blanket: by measuring, in inches, from the center of your horse’s chest to the end of your horse’s rump. If your horse is in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up to the closest available size.


Product Information

Blanket Style: Stable Blanket

Waterproof: No

Breathable: Yes

Weight: Medium Weight

Material: Nylon

Denier: 420

Ripstop: No

Tail Cover: Yes

Wither Protector: Yes

Shoulder Gussets: Yes

Polyfil: 150g

Inner Lining: 210T Nylon

Belly Closure: Crossed Surgincles

Leg Straps: Crossed Elastic

Colors Available: Red with Black Trim, Royal Blue with Black Trim

Sizes Available: 69”, 72”, 75”, 78”, 81”, and 84”

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