Derby Originals Go Around Open Sided Slow Feed Hay Bag

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Derby Originals’ line of hay and bale bags and hay nets have been individually tailored to meet the needs of horses and other equines (donkeys, mules, etc.), and livestock such as sheep and goats, cattle, alpacas and llamas, and even small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.


  • OPEN SIDED - this hanging hay bag is unique in that it is completely open and designed to work from any angle, making it ideal for feeding multiple animals at once or for providing a more open and accessible hay source.
  • EASY TO FILL AND HANG - these hay bags have a fully opening top which makes filling them incredibly easy and stress-free, and they’re easily hung with the included 7.5’ long heavy-duty fixed loop poly rope strap. Simply tie the strap to a sturdy object at a comfortable height for your horses and you’re set!
  • GREAT FOR PASTURE USE - because of this bag’s incredible durability and open design, it’s perfect for use in the pasture where multiple animals will be eating and where you don’t want excess waste.
  • NOT JUST FOR HORSES - this hay bag has been designed to work for other types of livestock as well as horses, from sheep and goats to cattle, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, and more!
  • FOUR ATTRACTIVE COLORS - our Go Around hay bags are available in four fun colors: Pink, Black, Lime Green, and Purple.

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