Derby Originals Nylon Hay Bags with Hanging Strap and Closable Top

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Keep your horse fat and happy with this nylon hay bag. Top snaps make securing this hay bag easier. One of our most popular products for years. Durable construction, easy to use. Stylish bright colors! Manufactured by Derby Originals.


 HAY SAVING DESIGN - these hay bags were designed to let your horse freely access hay while also preventing hay wastage or spoilage by keeping your hay secure, dry, and away from rodents and other pests.

    EASY TO HANG - these hay bags come with an included nylon hanging strap with a snap closure that makes it easy to hang these bags in stalls or trailers, on fences, or anywhere else!

    STURDY CONSTRUCTION - these hay bags are made from a heavy-duty nylon construction that’s designed to withstand horse’s tugging at them with their teeth and long-term daily use.

    CLOSABLE TOP - these hay bags are equipped with two top snaps which allow you to close the tops of the bags if you desire, which forces your horse to access hay through the front 7” diameter hay hole.

    SEVEN FUN COLORS - these attractive hay bags are available in seven colors: Purple/Lavender, Pink/Turquoise, Black/Grey, Forest Green/Plum, Orange/Khaki, Red/Black, and Royal Blue/Burgundy.

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