Derby Originals Heavy Duty Universal No-Scuff Boot Jack - Makes Removing All Boots and Shoes Easy and Effortless

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Derby Originals Heavy Duty Universal No-Scuff Boot Jack is designed to make the removal of work boots, riding boots, cowboy boots, rubber boots, or any other shoe type effortless and painless. Our premium boot jack is made of sturdy, no-scuff materials that will never damage your shoes, flooring, or walls like some inferior boot scuffs.

DESIGNED WITH YOUR COMFORT IN MIND - our boot jack makes removing boots and shoes easy without you having to bend over or exert excess force. If you are elderly, disabled, have back or hip pain, or are tired of struggling to remove boots/shoes, our boot jack is designed to make your life easier!

FITS ALL BRANDS/STYLES OF BOOTS AND SHOES - no matter what type of boot or shoe you wear, our premium boot jack is designed to fit and provide a comfortable, effortless way to remove any shoe.

U-SHAPED TAPERED RUBBER GRIP - our boot jack features a tapered rubber grip opening that securely holds onto your boot or shoe for easy and frustration-free removal. Our rubber grip has the added bonus of being scuff free so your shoes stay looking brand new.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - our boot jack is made from a heavy duty plastic and rubber construction that is waterproof and UV resistant for outdoor use. Our boot jack is designed to hold up strong for many years to come.

UNIVERSAL SIZING - our boot jack measures 13” by 5” and features a tapered design that accommodates any brand, style, or size of boot or shoe.