Your Dog will Fall In Love with Our Organic, Dye Free Jute and Cotton Fiber Toys!

They're Safe, Sustainable, Dye-Free, Organic, and Designed with Your Dog in Mind

CuteNfuzzy's Jute dog toys are an ideal choice as they are made from all natural, biodegradable, and sustainable plant materials that are chew safe and designed to last. Our dye free construction means that these toys won't leach any color.

Organic Jute Toys on Sale!

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•These toys were designed to be chew safe and non-harmful to your dog. For maximum safety, your dog should not have unsupervised access to toys.
•Any toy should be inspected before and after use, and any loose threads, strings, or pieces of material removed as these could accidentally be ingested.
•Toys that have been ripped open, shredded, or otherwise destroyed should be thrown away and not used as dogs might be encouraged to ingest them.
•As these toys are made entirely of natural biodegradable materials, we recommend not leaving them sitting outside for long periods of time.

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What is Jute?

Jute plants are a group of vegetable fiber plants in the genus Corchorus which are similar to cotton, and are used to make burlap, hessian, and gunny cloth products.
Jute is the second most produced natural fiber material, second only to cotton, and is native to parts of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific.
Jute has both fiber and culinary uses, and is used in dishes such as soups in many cultures. Our Jute is organically grown, free of dyes or chemicals, and is 100% chew safe!

Derby Originals Jute Toys are Packed with Fun

With these CuteNfuzzy Jute toys, the possibilities are endless! You can toss them, play fetch with them, use them to practice bite work, play tug of war, use them as a drag or lure, and a million other possibilities! Your dogs can safely gnaw, shred, chew, or tug on these toys, making them an ideal fit for almost every dog! For safe play, we recommend only allowing your dogs to access these toys under supervision due to dogs' tendencies to shred and then attempt to ingest toy parts and fillings.


Available in Sizes and Styles to Suit Every Dog

  • CuteNfuzzy Jute and Cotton toys are currently available in two sizes each of our Bite Tug and Bite 
  • Pillow design: a small toy aimed at small to medium sized dog breeds, and large toys aimed at medium to giant dog breeds.
  • Four packs of braided Jute rope toys are also available, and are suitable for small to medium sized dogs. These toys are suitable for light chewers, dogs who love to play tug of war, and even heavy chewers/destroyers who will enjoy shredding the organic cotton inside.

Made from Sustainable, Renewable, Durable, Organic Fiber

Jute fiber is a plant fiber that is made from a sustainably sourced, fast growing, renewable, and friendly plant! Not only that, jute doesn't fade in sunlight, and our toys are organic and chew safe, making these a smart choice for the dog owner who cares about their pets health and safety, as well as buying from sustainable sources. CuteNfuzzy Jute Bite Pillows and Bite Tugs are also filled with an organic cotton filling that is also chew safe and comes from a natural, renewable and sustainable plant.