Derby Originals 42” Ultimate Slow Feed Poly Rope Hanging Hay Net

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Product Features

  • Durable poly rope design - This hay net is made of a durable poly rope material that is resistant to breaking or tearing, as well as damage from UV rays, mold, or mildew.
  • Holds 3-5 flakes - 42” hay nets will hold approx. 3-5 flakes of hay, depending on the hay type and flake size, and how dense the hay is packed. These nets are Rated to last The average horse about 30 hours or more.
  • Perfect for livestock - This hay net has a smaller opening Size that is safer for and perfect for smaller livestock animals such as sheep, goats, and miniature horses who may eat too fast from or get hooves caught in larger hay nets.
  • Feed your horse more naturally - This hay net is designed to force your horse to eat slower and over a longer period of time, which mimics natural grazing and is proven to reduce colic and ulcer risks and be healthier for your horse.
  • Makes a great grazer - This hay net was designed to work being hung like a traditional hay net, or used out in pasture as a grazer. To use as a grazer, simply fill the hay net, tie the top closed and hide the remaining rope, and set it out for your horses to eat from.

Hand-Tied Construction

This hay net was tied by hand, so the hole size may vary slightly. The average hole size for this net is approx. 1x1”, which is recommended for use with smaller livestock animals and for horses that eat hay too fast from nets with larger openings. This size net opening will prevent excess hay wastage, while slowing down your horse’s feeding rate to a more natural, grazing-style pace. This size hay net is rated for use with any type of hay, although hays like Alfalfa may be harder to eat from these nets, in which case we recommend using a larger net hole.

UV, Mold, and Mildew Resistant

This world class Derby Originals hay net is made from a polyester rope that is extremely resistant to damage from UV rays, or mold and mildew. These hay nets have been tested in wet and damp conditions and have held up strong, with no damage or smell, even when hay was left to completely rot in them. These hay nets are great for those who have to soak their animal’s hay, for all-season use, or use outside in the pasture.

Product Specifications

Net Material: Polyester

Hole Size: 2x2”

Net Length: 42”

Hardware: No

Hardware Type: N/A

Hanging Rope: Yes

UV Resistant: Yes

Mold/Mildew Resistant: Yes

Available Colors: Lime Green, Pink, and Turquoise