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Derby Originals XL Go Around 4 Sided Slow Feed Hay Bale Bag Patented with 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty*

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GENEROUSLY SIZED – this slow feed bale bag is sized to comfortably fit a two-string hay bale with room to spare, and measures 41” x 19” x 19” overall. The holes on this bale bag measure 1.75” x 1.75”.

EASY TO USE – to put this slow feeder over your bale, simply hold it upside down and slide it over the bale, then flip the bale over and close the top. This bale bag easily slides over most bales and is easy to tie.

EASY TO HANG – our bale bag has a heavy duty nylon hanging strap that measures 7.5 ft long so you can comfortably hang this bale bag from a beam, stall wall, a tree branch in the pasture or fence post, etc.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION – this bag is made from a sturdy 1” thick nylon with reinforced stitching at every seam to ensure it holds up for years to come and can withstand abuse from the toughest animals.

NOT JUST FOR HORSES – this bale bag is great for donkeys and mules, cattle, sheep and goats, alpacas, llamas, and other livestock. It’s also great for use in trailers, not just barns or in the pasture.

WORKS AS A GRAZER TOO - this bale bag was designed to be ideal for use on the ground as a grazing type bale bag as well, and can safely be tied shut and used in the pasture. Simply lay the bale bag on its side, be sure the top is closed and secure, and your horses will have fresh hay available all day long!


For more details about the warranty, please visit the manufacturer Derby Originals website. Registration must be done online on manufacturer's website within 15 days of purchase or the warranty will be voided.


*Black color is exclusive to



41” x 19” x 19”

1.75” x 1.75” holes