Derby Originals UV-Blocker Premium Reflective Mule Fly Mask with Ears and Nose Fringe with One Year Warranty

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Bought two. One lasted about a week, the other is going strong. They work well, but may not hold up.

Derby Originals premium UV-Blocker fly masks feature a mix of traditional design and premium features to give your horse the most comfortable fit possible while ensuring total protection from biting insects. These fly masks are made from sturdy mesh materials that are non-heat-transferring and breathable, while also blocking up to 75% of all UV rays. All of our fly masks feature stitched eye darts to prevent the mask from laying against the eyes, fleece edging for a comfortable no-rub fit, new soft-mesh ears, and secure double velcro closures. If you want to ensure your horse’s safety and comfort against pests like flies, mosquitoes, and gnats this summer, look no further than our world-class fly masks.


DESIGNED WITH YOUR HORSE’S COMFORT IN MIND - our fly masks are designed with fleece edging to prevent rubs, eye darts that prevent the mesh of the mask from irritating your horse’s eyes, and non-heat transferring fabric.

BLOCKS UP TO 75% OF HARMFUL UV RAYS - this fly mask is made from materials that are designed to block up to 75% of harmful UV rays. This mask ideal for both average horses and light colored/blue eyed horses who are sun sensitive.

DESIGNED FOR DONKEYS AND MULES - this fly mask was specially designed to fit mules and donkeys of all types and sizes. This fly mask features tailored donkey/mule sizing and roomy ear coverings that are designed to keep your equine happy and fly free all day.

PROTECTS YOUR HORSE FROM PESTS - this fly mask is designed to keep flies and other biting pests away from your horse’s ears, face, and eyes, as well as shield your horse’s eyes and sensitive facial skin from harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays.

ONE YEAR LIMITED MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY - Derby Originals is proud to be the first brand in the US to offer a warranty on their fly masks. For more information or to register your product, go to our website at