Derby Originals Premium Reflective Hydro Cooling Swamp Jacket with Adjustable Belly Band - Reflects Heat and UV and Cools for Up to 10 Hours

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Derby Originals innovative and new Premium Hydro Cooling Jacket is the perfect solution for keeping your pet safe and happy in harsh summer weather. These jackets keep your dog dry, but naturally cooled using the power of evaporation, for up to 10 or more hours! This premium version also features a new cooling belly band that is designed to be highly adjustable to fit more sizes and breeds of dogs, while also helping to keep your dogs belly and internal organs from overheating. These jackets are a perfect choice for those who want to take their dog on long walks or hikes, participate in dog sports, or simply keep their dog cool and safe from harmful UV rays. These coats were designed to help prevent potentially fatal heat stroke in dogs, and instead, keep your pup comfortable and happy in hot weather.

Before the first use, please dunk the product under water, gently squeeze out the excess water and let the product dry completely. This is necessary for the cooling fibers to set into the product. Please note, the product could feel 'soapy' because of the polyester fiber migration after the first activation. This rinses away on the next soaking.

NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN - this premium version of our hydro cooling jacket has been designed with a cooling belly band that makes this coat more adjustable and effective than ever before. This new version also has reflective trim for added safety and visibility.

PROTECTS AGAINST UV RAYS - these coats not only protects against heat but harmful UV rays from the sun as well. If you’re looking for UV protection that won’t add bulk and overheat your dog, these coats are perfect for you.

DESIGNED TO PREVENT OVERHEATING - these coats are great for longer haired, double-coated, or brachycephalic breeds who are prone to overheating, heat stress, and heat exhaustion. Keeping your dog cool with this coat could potentially save their life!

LIGHTWEIGHT THREE-LAYER DESIGN - this jacket is made of a three-layer, ultra-thin, quilted material. The outer layer reflects heat and evaporates water, the middle layer absorbs and retains water, and the inner layer repels water.

SOOTHES SORE MUSCLES AND JOINTS - another benefit of this cooling jacket is that it can be used to cool and soothe sore joints and muscles or relieve arthritis pain in your dog. The powerful cooling action of this coat acts like an ice pack and provides instant cooling relief.