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Derby Originals Mesh Belly Band Reflective Trim Horse Fly Sheet

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Derby Originals’ premium mesh bellyband fly sheet was designed with your horse’s comfort and safety in mind. This fly sheet features a breathable mesh that helps keep your horse cool, as well as block harmful UV rays, and prevent biting insects from harming or irritating your horse. This fly sheet features new twists on the classic fly sheet design by adding back reflective strips to increase pasture visibility and safety and adding a full mesh belly band to keep insects away from your horse’s sensitive belly. The soft fleece wither relief also prevents your horse’s mane from being damaged. This blanket is fully adjustable and features adjustable chest closures, adjustable shoulder gussets, adjustable belly band straps, and adjustable crossed leg straps.



    KEEPS PESTS AWAY - this fly sheet was designed to help protect your horse’s body, chest, and belly from biting insects and pests. Insects are unable to get through the mesh to bite at your horse, in turn preventing sores, irritation, and wounds from bug bites or reactions to them.

    COMFORTABLE FIT - our fly sheets have a soft fleece wither relief to prevent mane damage, soft trim covering the edges of the blanket, and are made with a mesh that won’t rub your horse’s fur or irritate their skin. The crossed leg straps are designed to prevent slippage or chafing.

    REFLECTIVE TRIM - the back corners of this fly sheet have strips of reflective material sewn onto them so that your horse will be visible from even great distances at night, making your horse more visible and safe at pasture, especially during times like hunting season!

    BREATHABLE DESIGN - this fly sheet is designed with a lightweight but strong mesh body that is breathable and helps keep your horse cool, while also keeping bugs away from them.

    ADJUSTABLE FIT - this fly sheet features adjustable shoulder gussets that allow your horse to move more freely, along with two adjustable chest straps and an adjustable belly band and leg straps in order to make sure your horse gets the best fit possible.



    This product should be placed on your horse and used to keep biting insects and other pests away, protect your horse from harmful UV rays and help keep your horse cool. This fly sheet can be used in the barn or pasture.