Derby Originals 3 Bar Fold Away Swivel Blanket and Saddle Pad Rack

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These swiveling tack racks were designed to help maximize space in your barn, trailer, or tack room, and offer a cost-effective, space-saving solution to storing your bulky blankets and pads. Simply mount this rack to any wall using the included hardware and you're set!

Unlike normal tack storage stands, these racks are designed for effective storage and can hold English and Western saddle pads, horse sheets and blankets, and more! These racks can comfortably accommodate 1-3 saddle pads per bar, and 1-5 horse blankets per bar on average. These tack racks can even be used to hang bridles, reins, and other tack pieces for easy access and storage. Or, use these bars to display your favorite harness set!

When you're done adding items to these tack racks, simply fold the bars flat up against the wall and your items will be kept in an out of the way, but easy to reach place.

This item will ship unassembled. Some assembly is required.

  • THE PERFECT SPACE SAVER - this tack rack was designed to fold flat against the wall and swivel open for easy access to your favorite tack pieces. When flush against the wall, this tack rack only protrudes by 1-2", making it an effective way to maximize space without bulk.
  • STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION - this swiveling tack rack is made of sturdy steel that is designed to hold up strong for many years to come. These bars will not bend or distort under the weight of your tack.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL KINDS OF TACK - our 24" long tack rack was designed to comfortably accommodate hanging horse blankets, English and Western saddle pads and blankets, and tack such as bridles, headstalls, reins, and more
  • SWIVELING BARS ALLOW FOR EASY TACK RETRIEVAL - the bars on this tack rack can swivel a full 180 degrees to allow you to easily maneuver them to add or remove tack.
  • GREAT FOR USE IN TRAILERS AND TACK ROOMS - these compact, sturdy tack racks are ideal for use in small spaces, such as in the trailer, in your tack room, or other areas of the barn.