CuteNfuzzy 7 Piece Cotton Candy Grooming Kits Includes Free Organic Dye-Free Jute Toy

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Our Cotton Candy 7 piece grooming kit was designed to be a completely inclusive kit that has everything you need to maintain your short or long haired dog! This kit not only includes a variety of brushes designed to maintain your dog’s fur, but also nail clippers so you can trim your pets nails and prevent painful overgrowth, and a double headed toothbrush. This kit makes a great gift and is ideal for those who are adopting or buying a new puppy or dog. This kit was designed to make maintaining your pets’ coat as easy as possible by including key tools needed to remove shed hair and detangle the coat. This kit also includes a double-headed pet toothbrush so that you can clean your dog's teeth with ease. Our unique dual head design makes it easy to ensure you’re brushing both sides of your dog’s teeth! This kit not only includes a high-quality assortment of grooming tools, but a waist apron for easy tool storage while you groom your pet. We’re also giving away a free, organic, dyeless jute tug toy with every grooming kit!

THE PERFECT GIFT - our cotton candy colored grooming kits are a great gift for almost any dog owner who is looking for an attractive, matching, and easy to store set of grooming supplies. This kit also includes a free organic cotton jute tug toy for your pet!

AVAILABLE IN TWO COLORS - these sets are available in matching Cotton Candy Pink or Blue to best suit your taste.

A HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE SET - this set is made of high-quality and durable parts that are guaranteed to last, such as sturdy metal bristles on our brushes and slickers.

FOR SHORT OR LONG HAIRED DOGS - these kits were designed to include tools that will work well for both short haired and long haired dogs, making these kits perfect for multi-dog or multi-breed households.

INCLUDES 7 ITEMS - this kit includes a waist apron that easily holds all of your grooming tools, a double sided grooming brush, a self cleaning slicker brush, a flea comb, a medium deshedding brush, pet nail clippers, a double headed pet toothbrush, and a free organic jute tug toy!