CuteNfuzzy 14 Piece New Large Dog Pet Grooming Starter Kit with Leash & Collar

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DESIGNED FOR BIGGER DOGS – these grooming kits were designed for medium to large dogs, and with long haired and double coated breeds in mind. But, whether you have a fluffy collie or a short haired pitbull, these grooming tools are sure to be a hit!

COMPLETE KITS – these kits contain everything you need: seven types of coat brushes, slickers, and combs, a tick removal tool and flea comb, nail clippers, a padded dog leash, a matching medium/large collar set, and a grooming tote to hold it all!

TWO CUTE COLOR THEMES – these sets are available in matching all Blue or Pink to best suit you and your pets tastes.

INCLUDES GROOMING TOTES – these sets don’t just come with grooming tools, but come with attractive matching carry and storage totes to hold all of your tools!

THE PERFECT GIFT – whether you’re getting a new puppy or have recently rescued/adopted a pet, these kits make a great choice! They’re all-inclusive kits that include everything you need to keep your pet happy and looking their best.

Product Description:

These 14 piece grooming kits were designed to cater to larger dog breeds: short haired, long haired, or double coated! These sets include everything you need to properly groom your pet, and keep them clean and looking their best.

These kits also include a matching leash, and set of a medium and large collar to make sure you’re able to find the collar that best fits your pet (and then have one to share!).

Included Pieces (available in Pink or Blue depending on your color choice)

1 Ultimate Pet Shedding Comb

1 Double Sided Grooming Brush

1 Dematting Comb

1 Large Deshedding Comb

1 Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

1 Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake

1 Professional Pet Heavy Duty Large Nail Clipper

1 Easy Tick Remover Pincer

1 Pet Flea Comb

1 Double Head Pet Toothbrush

1 Double Handle Padded Dog Leash

1 Padded Dog Collar (Medium Size)

1 Padded Dog Collar (Large Size)

1 Grooming Tote

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