BARGAIN BIN- Derby Originals Breathable Show Rain Cover Sheet

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Condition: Used, has some minor hair/dirt/debris on the item that should easily wash off

Derby Originals Breathable Horse Rain Cover Sheet

A must have rain cover for every equestrian. This waterproof sheet is designed to protect your horse and all your riding equipment from wet weather conditions during daily riding or while away at horse shows. Not just a cover- this sheet features slots so the rider has the option to ride with the sheet still on. Constructed of a lightweight, breathable nylon material to prevent your horse from overheating with use. Features Velcro front end closures, Veclro neck cover closures, an a Velcro belly strap closure to prevent any shifting.

Key Features & Item Specifications

  • Waterproof, lightweight horse rain cover designed to protect your horse from wet weather conditions.
  • Features unique slots for stirrups so the sheet can be used during riding. No more wet tack!
  • Ideal for keeping your horse clean, comfortable and dry during wet and misty weather conditions. 
  • Lightweight and breathable nylon material to prevent horse from getting overheated during use.
  • Features Velcro closures for quick placement and removal of sheet and adjustable, Velcro closure belly strap to keep sheet from shifting.