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Double Head Pet Toothbrush with Free Easy Tick Remover Tweezers

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Keep your pet's teeth sparkly clean with this toothbrush. Double angled head makes brushing easier and cleans more surface for greater plaque removal. Just like humans, pets benefit from good oral hygiene.

Free Easy Tick Removal Tweezers included!
Use this handy tool to remove them with ease. Ticks can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease. The longer the ticks are left to feed, the greater risk your pet faces. Spring system makes grabbing and removal simple.

  • Double heads angled toward teeth and gum line for optimal plaque removal
  • Cleans multiple surfaces at the same time
  • Soft bristles will clean hard to reach areas
  • Fits comfortably in all dog mouths

Included Components:
  • Free Easy Tick Removal Tweezer