CuteNfuzzy Rolled Leather Dog Leash with Padded Handle

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QUALITY LEATHER - this leash is made with quality and durable leather. The leather is reinforced at the hook attachment for added strength.

TANGLE FREE - The use of leather in this product keeps the leash more stiffen and harder to get wrapped around your pet’s legs. This allows for an enjoyable walk that is struggle free.

ROLLED LEATHER - this leather is rolled for maximum comfort. The rounded leather cord shape sustains strength remaining dependable for long-term use.

SOFT LEATHER PADDED HANDLE - this handle allows for maximum grip on a comfortable soft leather inside. The handle features padding for a thicker easier grasp that will not fatigue your hand after long walks.

SPRING HOOK - this detail allows for quick clasping on and off with ease.


Show off your pet with this sleek and rolled leather leash made by CuteNfuzzy. The leash is made sturdy and long lasting with its quality design and durable stitching. This product is made with a soft leather padded handle for a reinforced comfortable grip for long walks. The other end of the leash is complete with an easy to handle spring hook allowing it to be quick to clasp on or take off. The use of leather on the leash allows for a tangle-free easy walk without the lead getting wrapped around your pet’s legs. This leash comes in 2 different lengths of 4 ft long and 6 ft long in a attractive black color.

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