Derby Originals Wool Water Repellent Duck Canvas Lightweight Winter Turnout Horse Blanket

Brand: Derby Originals

Product Code: 80-8008BR-78

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Our Wool Water Repellent Duck Canvas Lightweight Winter Turnout Horse Blanket was designed to keep your horse comfortable during harsh fall and winter weather. The warm wool lining on these blankets will insulate your horse and help keep them warm even if it’s wet, while also wicking away sweat and water from your horse. The sturdy canvas lining was designed to hold up against even the roughest horses. This blanket is also ideal for other equines such as donkeys and mules.

Water Resistant Construction: this blanket is made from a water-resistant canvas fabric that helps to prevent rain and snow from permeating the blanket and getting your horse wet. These blankets are not completely waterproof though and are not recommended for long-term use in wet or damp conditions due to the possibility of mildew. These blankets can be treated with products to make them fully waterproof if desired.

  • STURDY DUCK CANVAS CONSTRUCTION - this blanket is made of an 18oz heavy-duty water-resistant duck canvas outer shell, which provides extra protection against the elements.
  • PURE WOOL LINING - this blanket is made of a pure wool lining, which provides warmth and insulation even when wet, is breathable, moisture-wicking, and sourced from eco-friendly, renewable fibers.
  • ADJUSTABLE, COMFORTABLE FIT - this blanket features an adjustable chest and belly as well as a soft fleece wither protector and shoulder protectors on either side and a cozy, soft wool lining.
  • RIPSTOP FRONT LINING - this blanket features a ripstop nylon front lining to prevent damage to the chest area of the blanket, where horses are likely to try and grab at blankets with their teeth.
  • THE ULTIMATE STABLE BLANKET - this sturdy canvas blanket is lightweight and breathable, but guaranteed to keep your horse cozy with its insulating wool lining.


    Sizing Information

    This turnout blanket is sized in the same manner that you will size any other horse blanket: by measuring, in inches, from the center of your horse’s chest to the end of your horse’s rump. If your horse is in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up to the closest available size.


    Product Information

    Blanket Style: Turnout Blanket

    Waterproof: No (Water Resistant)

    Breathable: Yes

    Weight: Lightweight

    Material: Duck Canvas with Wool Lining

    Denier: n/a

    Ripstop: No

    Tail Cover: No

    Wither Protector: Yes

    Shoulder Gussets: Yes

    Polyfill: 0g

    Inner Lining: Wool

    Belly Closure: Single Surgical

    Leg Straps: West Style

    Colors Available: Brown

    Sizes Available: 68”, 70”, 72”, 74”, 76”, 78”, 80”, 82”, and 84”

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