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Derby Originals Heavy Duty PVC Mesh Feed Bag with Extra Comfort Noseband Padding No Waste Flap Design

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When keeping all of your horses in optimum health is important we recommend Derby Originals New Improved Grain Bag! A lot of horses either live 365 days a year outside, or some really like to take advantage of the beautiful spring; summer; and fall weather and keep their horses outside as much as possible. Derby Originals Engineers and designers came together to make the new grain bag after reviewing several emails about Alpha horses not letting other horses near grain when it was feeding time. Also, Grain bags are a for sure way to make certain that your horse is getting a particular supplement; instead of another horse.

Our Derby Originals Grain Bags are awesome because they have a comfort noseband so that it will not leave rub marks, or scratches on your horses face. Also, the reinforced bottom will withstand daily horse use not allowing your horse to tear it open easily. Derby has made the grain bag for Miniature; Cob; Full Horse; and Draft ensuring that all in your heed can benefit from this great product! If you are just getting used to using a grain bag for your furry friend there is a clip helping you adjust and place on your horse accurately!

 Derby Originals’ line of hay and bale bags and hay nets have been individually tailored to meet the needs of horses and other equines (donkeys, mules, etc.), and livestock such as sheep and goats, cattle, alpacas and llamas, and even small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – these PVC mesh bags truly are heavy duty with reinforced stitching, a super strong mesh construction, and a 1200D double layer bottom with nylon tape reinforcement.
  • BREATHABLE DESIGN – our solid mesh design allows your horse to comfortably breathe and prevent excess moisture buildup within the feed bag while allowing any extra dust in the feed to filter out of the bag.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES – our feed bags are available in Mini Horse, Pony, Full Horse, and Draft sizing.
  • PERFECT FOR CAMPING, TRAILS, OR DRIVES – these feed bags are designed to be comfortable and durable, and are a tried and true cattle drive, overnight camping, and trail riding favorite!
  • MINIMIZE FOOD WASTE – our feed bags are designed to allow you to minimize food waste. If your horse is a picky or messy eater, these bags are perfect!

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