Derby Originals Breathable Heavy Duty Three Layered Bottom Half Bale Hay Bale Bags

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Derby Originals’ line of hay and bale bags and hay nets have been individually tailored to meet the needs of horses and other equines (donkeys, mules, etc.), and livestock such as sheep and goats, cattle, alpacas and llamas, and even small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

  • STURDY, LONG LASTING CONSTRUCTION - our bale bags are made with a three-layered base, composed of strong nylon material with a ⅜” plastic sheet sandwiched between them for extreme strength and durability.
  • HAY SAVING DESIGN - these bale bags are completely enclosed but ventilated so you won’t lose hay while also protecting it from mildew and rot, being destroyed by rodents and other pests, etc.
  • VENTILATED - our bale bags have eight air holes across the front and back sides for ventilation and breathability so that your hay stays fresh and dry during storage and transport.
  • HOLDS A HALF BALE - these bale bags are generously sized and will accommodate at least half of a two-string hay bale and up to half of a three-string bale thanks to their 22” x 22” x 18” size.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT - these bale bags have a pair of carry straps so that they can be carried around with ease. These bags are lightweight and can be comfortably fit into cars, trucks, or trailers for transportation.

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