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Tahoe Tack Mesa New Zealand Wool Western Saddle Blanket - Heavy Weight, 36" x 34"

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This blanket is great for any western rider! Heavyweight, handwoven with heavy duty 100% New Zealand Wool. Blanket weight is over 5 pounds. Measurements: 34" by 36". These saddle blankets are wonderful for large horses or riders who prefer riding on larger saddle blankets. To keep this product in good care it requires only hand washing and drying. Ride with the trendy Mesa design for a traditional western look!

SIZE AND WEIGHT - this saddle blanket is 36” x 34” and weighs approximately 5 lbs. This feature is excellent for fitting large horses or even riders who prefer larger blankets.

TRADITIONAL STYLE - this saddle blanket features a Mesa design, it is the perfect choice for a traditional western ride.

NEW ZEALAND WOOL - 100% of the blanket is made from pure New Zealand wool. Wool from New Zealand is known to be stronger, thicker, and whiter. This allows the color after dying to be clean and clearer than darker wools, and the wool fibers are strong and durable.

HANDWOVEN - these blankets are hand woven by skilled artisans. Due to the nature of making these by hand, there might be slight differences in each product.

HAND WASH AND DRY ONLY - to keep this product in the best condition it requires hand washing and hang-drying only.

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