Tahoe Tack Horse Sized Western 16 Plait Natural Rawhide Bosal Nosepiece

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******This is only the Nosepiece and not the whole assembly*********


Tahoe Tack's high-quality 16 plait solid rawhide bosals are handmade by skilled craftsmen and were designed to be a bosal you purchase once and have for many years to come. These bosals are great for the traditional western rider, for the show ring, or for the beginner who is looking for a high-quality bosal. With their sturdy solid rawhide core, 5/8" thickness, and 16 plait braided rawhide construction, these bosals are the perfect weight to communicate hand signals to your horse without putting too much pressure on the nose or causing rubs or irritation. The rawhide used to make these bosals is high-grade, supple, and flexible.


REAL RAWHIDE - this bosal is made from a 100% rawhide construction, including a rawhide core and 16 plait rawhide weave overtop. The rawhide used is high-grade and was skillfully woven by expert craftsmen.

DURABLE 16 PLAIT CONSTRUCTION - this high-quality bosal features a fine, tightly-woven 16 plait braid construction. This tight construction helps to ensure a comfortable, proper fit for your horse.

BLACK BANDED ACCENTING - this bosal features stylish and traditional black banded designs along the rawhide, which provide an attractive contrast to the natural tan color of the rawhide.

GREAT FOR BEGINNERS - this bosal is perfect for introducing your horse to a bosal, or first-time bosal users, due to its durable, sturdy construction and thick 5/8" construction.

5/8" THICKNESS - this bosal is 5/8" thick and is perfect for teaching a horse to use a bosal, or for using as an every-day bosal for an experienced horse.


These bosals weigh 0.55lbs each.

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