Tahoe Tack Double Stitched Flat Leather Western Browband Headstall

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Tahoe Tack’s “Pleasure Rider” series is composed of beautiful leather and nylon headstalls that are made with trail riding and other similar equestrian activities in mind. These halters are beautiful and high-quality, with durable, more plain designs that are suited to trail rides and pleasure riding. This series was designed with quality in mind and features classic western designs.

Please note that this headstall ships unassembled in order to lower the shipping rate. This headstall includes assembly instructions and is very easy to assemble within minutes.



QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - this headstall was designed by Tahoe Tack, a fine maker of quality western tack for over 20 years. It features durable hardware and high-quality leather that is designed to last many years with proper care.

MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE - this headstall is available in Miniature Horse, Pony, and Full Horse sizing to accommodate most equines large or small.

MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE - this headstall is available in two leather colors: Medium Oil and Black.

DOUBLE STITCHING - this headstall features attractive white double stitching which provides extra security and durability, while also providing an attractive contrast to the dark leather.

CHICAGO SCREW STYLE - this headstall features classic Chicago screw style ends, which makes adding or switching bits out as easy as can be.



Miniature Horse (150-300lbs)

  • Browband: 13.5”
  • Bit to Bit: 27” - 33”

Pony (500-800lbs)

  • Browband: 14.5”
  • Bit to Bit: 29.5” - 35.5”

Full Horse (900-1250lbs)

  • Browband: 16.5”
  • Bit to Bit: 38” - 46”

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