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Derby Originals Stainless Steel Free Foot Safety English Stirrup Irons

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Derby Originals Stainless Steel Free Foot Safety English Stirrup Irons 

Prevent any injury and keep yourself safe with Derby Originals Free Foot Safety English Stirrup Irons. The unique curvature design of the stainless steel frame allows for a quick removal of the foot in the case of an emergency, and a quick regain in the event the stirrup is lost or dropped during riding. Can be compared to breakaway stirrups without the hassle of the rubber bands. Features removable, replaceable rubber stirrup pads with a grip pattern.

Key features & Item specifications 

  •  Special curvature design on the stainless steel frame of these stirrups allow for quick removal of the foot from the iron in case of an emergency, and quick regain in the case of a loss or drop during riding.
  •  Feature removable rubber pads with a grip pattern that can be replaced if damaged or worn out. 
  • Designed with strong, sturdy stainless steel and  to fit most English stirrup leathers. 
  • Available in three sizes : Adult 4-3/4", Kids 4-1/4", and X-Large 5-1/4".
  • Item includes one pair of stirrup irons. 

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