13 reviews for Derby English Saddle Bridle Boots Garment Carry Bags Set 4 Items
  • Judy N - September 23, 2014

good quality, shipped immediately and arrived 9 days early.

  • Darren B - November 30, 2011

Great product. Fast shipping. A+++ seller

  • Lexy Walter - January 22, 2011

love love love iT!!!

  • Lexy Walter - January 16, 2011

i really love my tack bags, they are much better than my old set. they seem to clean up much better too! i would buy them again

  • Marjory Nelson - January 09, 2011

I gave this set to my 9 year-old granddaughter for Christmas. She was thrilled. They will be getting their first try out this weekend for her upcomming dressage show.

  • Lori Chandler - January 01, 2011

This is a very nice set. My daughter was thrilled since all she had wanted was a saddle carrier, bridle carrier, and boot bag-I got the entire set for teh price of those 3 elsewhere!!!

  • Marla T - November 08, 2010

nice set

  • Janine Bahr - November 03, 2009

Love the way tha saddle carrying bag opens all the way. makes it a lot easier to get the saddle in! what a great set so far!

  • Vickie Blevins - September 16, 2009

SUPER!! Excellent value!!! My daughter loves it.

  • Rebecca White - March 10, 2009

Much better quality than I expected for the price. Bought the black/grey combo. Very stylish and professional looking without being flashy. Padding is nice and thick. Duffel holds a TON of stuff.

  • Leah - January 16, 2009

I love these bags! They are worth EVERY penny. I bought a comparable set years ago from one of the huge tack stores, and spent more than 3 times as much. This set is 10 times nicer! Very durable, padded well, and dirt and grime brush right off of them. (No one at the barn will believe what you paid for them.)

  • Doreen Montaquila - January 14, 2009

Great quality, fast order processing. First time ordering from your company and I will continue to order! Thanks!

  • Dawn Harrold - December 28, 2008

Gift i hopr it was nice..

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Derby English Saddle Bridle Boots Garment Carry Bags Set 4 Items
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