Derby Originals English Dressage Saddle

This excellent quality Dressage saddle is made from premium quality Australian leather. Perfect for new riders, schooling or shows. Includes a 2 Year Limited Tree Warranty*

  • Straight panels with padded knee rolls
  • Deep seat
  • Long billets

@ $375.00 per unit

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1 reviews for Derby Originals English Dressage Saddle
  • Jolyn - November 18, 2006

I received my Paris Tack Dressage Saddle Friday the 14th. It fits my wide withered horse very comfortably. I love the seat on the saddle. It feels like it has already been broken in. My instructor was pleased with my leg position and how well the saddle fit my horse. I received a lot of compliments from my friends at the barn where we train. Everyone agrees that it was a great saddle for the price.

Derby Originals English Dressage Saddle
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