6 reviews for Mustang Aztec Overlay Halter Overstock-CO
  • Lisa Sahmel - March 27, 2015

I bought the pink with purple. It's bright hot pink. Heavy compared to what we had before. Very well made. Excellent quality & price. I bought 3 different halters and was very impressed with all 3's quality & pricing.

  • Stacy Jones - May 06, 2014

Very attractive halter, but not very heavily built

  • Debbie Raia - September 23, 2011

I was very satisfied with the quality of my halter, but it didn't fit my 4 year old who I ordered it for. Luckily I have another horse that it fit. Do you have different sizes that I can choose from so that I can find one that will fit my 4 year old. I'm guessing that she now weighs between 800-900 lbs.

  • Leslie Phillips - May 22, 2011

Really nice, attractive halters.

  • Kimberley Milburn - December 30, 2010

halter fits fine

  • Jessica Quigley - February 10, 2009

The halter was as described. I really liked it and it looks great on my horse!

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Mustang Aztec Overlay Halter Overstock-CO
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