23 reviews for Heavy Duck Canvas Feed Bags in Draft by Derby
  • Mary Wederstrandt - December 23, 2016

My horse likes it, I like it because she eats all her food. A+++++++

  • Kimberley Mosley - October 21, 2016

Great feed bags... actually fit drafts!!!good seller A+++

  • Jim - October 23, 2014

Reviewed a few days ago....said it needed a hard bottom....I went to a local discount store and bought a 9 inch steel pie pan for $1.00...took it home and it fit in the bottom of the bag snugly just by pushing it down and pulling up on the bag. Perkins cleaned up every morsel of his feed and the pan was still tight in the bottom.... I am a happy camper.

  • Jim - October 20, 2014

Got mine on Saturday....I think I ordered on Tuesday maybe Wednesday....Real pleased with service.... My roman nosed old feed slinging Standardbred smelled feed in it and took right to it....Second day he was ready for it when he saw me take it off the hook on the wall....I go the draft size for him and it was not too big....First time in five years that he has eaten all of his feed.....He dribbles badly while looking around while eating..... So Far I am loving it....I think I will cut a hard plastic base plate for the bottom as he is already messing up the bottom trying to get those last morsels out....maybe glue or Velcro the base to the bottom of the bag

  • Donna P - March 13, 2014

Thank you for the rapid delivery. No store carries these here.

  • Kevin A - February 18, 2013

Recieved item, thank you.

  • Syrus B - October 04, 2012

I recieved this order and was satisfied.

  • Jax A - April 09, 2012


  • Kara Kindred - March 04, 2012

Love these feed bags. They fit the horses perfectly. By using the bags I am assured that the horses are eating all of their grain and supplements

  • Kara Kindred - March 04, 2012

Love these feed bags. They fit the horses perfectly. By using the bags I am assured that the horses are eating all of their grain and supplements

  • Kara Kindred - March 03, 2012

Love this feedbag. Very durable. Horses had no problem adjusting to using it and I now know that the horses are eating all their grain and supplements

  • Carrie Spence - December 19, 2011

Really good, heavy duty. Big enough you can put more than one scoop of grain and will still fit (unlike regular sized feed bags!)

  • Jamie Bell - November 17, 2011

Yes like the eed bag. Horse was wasting half of his feed tried everthing. Now he is eating it all not wasteing it.Wished had got one long before we did. Works great.

  • Laurin Bartlett - January 27, 2011

Excellent quality for the price. Very pleased with these. (As there is no where else to write it I will say that when I called to place my order a man answered and was not overly polite, telling me to hold on. It took a bit and a pleasant woman took my order. Unfortunately, although I spelled the name of our street for her as it's often mispelled, she failed to spell it correctly.)

  • Amy Sheehy - July 28, 2010

supplements get stuck to canvas.

  • Elizabeth Belmont - March 24, 2010

great product for the price. Would be even better if the outside base was waterproof or vinyl so it can be wiped clean

  • Ashley Anderson - November 25, 2009

fits my clydesdale well! Have never owned a feed bag before but I like this one. It will get dirty very quickly due to the material it's made out of.

  • Jodi Roser - August 10, 2009

like it very much. usually have trouble fitting my draft as his head is big and this fit and works well. thanks

  • Patrick Moser - June 05, 2009

very nice

  • Skye Sciolto - April 15, 2009

not the greatest quality or fit, but it works and is helpful

  • Darlene Iannucci - January 30, 2009

  • Ellen - January 20, 2007

This is an AWESOME feed bag! I got so tired of having my horses chase each other off from their buckets that I tried these and am TOTALLY hooked. Quick shipping. Great price. Be sure that your horse gets what it's supposed to eat - and ALL that it's supposed to have! This is high quality, adjustable, heavy-duty, nice looking...it has it all.

  • Ebay Review - November 30, -0001

The feedbags I purchased this order are much better than the previous feedbags I ordered a short time ago. Even the draft horse bag is working out fine on my old 33 year old quarter horse. Very large on her, but works better than the regular size as they are a little narrow.

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