About “English”

Whether you are a casual rider or a seasoned competitor, we offer a wide selection of English equipment to cover even the most sophisticated rider's needs. From entry level saddle sets to specialized saddles, bridles and accessories, we have everything to outfit the horse and rider.

English Saddles: Jump or Hunt Saddles, Dressage Saddles, Close Contact Saddles, Endurance Saddles, Exercise saddles and wide selection of saddles for riding competition to training. English Riding Saddle Sets.
English Bridles and Reins: Snaffle Bridles, Fancy Stitched Show Bridles, Padded Bridles for comfort, Dressage Bridles for shows, Crown Padded Bridles, Event Bridles, Crank Bridles for better control, Heavy Flat Leather Hunt Bridles. Laced reins are popular in the USA and Web reins are popular in the Europe. Flat Reins with stoppers, Finger Grip Reins and Rubber reins. English Browbands - Padded with Crystals.
English Riding Accessories: Stirrup leathers, English Breast Plates, Running and Standing Martingales, Stirrup Irons, Safety Irons and English bits. English Girths, Chafeless, Sheep Skin lined comfort Girths.
English Saddle Pads:  Saddle Pads with Pockets for trail riding, Fleece padded English Saddle Pad for comfort of Horse and Rider, Contour Saddle Pads, Dressage Saddle Pads, Semi Fleece Lines Saddle Pads, Non slip saddle pads and Sheep Skin Bareback saddle pads.
English Tack Carry Bags: English Saddle 3 Layer Padded Carry Bags to avoid handling damage, Halter Bridle Carry Bags, Horse Hair Tail Bags. Saddle Covers for All Purpose, Close Contact and Dressage Saddles. Padded English Long Boot Carry Bags.