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  • Nathaniel Greene - November 06, 2017

This was a perfect feeder for my goats, who finally ate hay without wasting a bunch of it like when I used to just free feed them on the ground. I've had them now for a few months and they have lasted great. Would totally recommend.

  • Fluffymom - April 14, 2017

I am really pleased with this hay bag. I found it easy to load (three large flakes) and per the instructions of another reviewer I crossed the top straps back through before hanging it from the fence and my boys chomped contentedly. Very little waste and they didn't get the velcro tab opened. I will now complete my purchase by getting two more.

  • Elizabeth King - January 30, 2017

I have waited almost 2 years to write this review for this hay bag. I am so pleased to say that it is still going strong, and my horses uses it 3 TIMES EVERY DAY for almost 2 YEARS. I've never had a hay bag last even close to this long because my horse is so hard on them.. I will buy this item again and definitely, highly recommend them to anyone..

  • Kerrie M. W. Matesich - December 23, 2016

Beautiful product! All the horses at our barn are now using these. Thank you!

  • N Lott - October 26, 2016

Others complain about the straps, I had no complaints at all. I like that they are short and can be fastened and a multitude of different ways. The square holes are perfect, the only drawback would be that the bag itself is shaped a little bit rectangular, and I wish the mouth of the bag was a little larger for the three strand bale flakes.

  • Christopher Bellas - July 29, 2016

item great quality works wonderful

  • Lisa Lindborg - June 10, 2016

Hay bags arrived promptly and in perfect condition. States parks don't open until May 1st, so haven't yet had a chance to use them on weekend horse camping trips, but we're looking forward to filling them up and a season of much less work having to constantly be refilling our old hay bags.

  • Donna M Trent Heite - May 13, 2016

I love these hay bags. Perfect for my mule who destroys the slow feed bags.A+++

  • - April 06, 2016

The webbing is really thick and not so easy for the horses to push aside and stretch out the holes, like my other hay bags, which were made of 1/8" - 3/16" nylon cord. Those ripped out way too fast for the price - more than twice this one - so I am hoping that these last a good, long time. They aren't kidding when they say "super tough," as far as the bag itself goes. However, the clips seem a bit lightweight, so that a bored/hungry horse may eventually break them. But then again, what don't horses destroy? I'll rig something else up if and when they break. The important part is the bag, with the rest replaceable. I bought six, and the box was so heavy, that even my boyfriend didn't want to carry it down the driveway! That's how heavy-duty they are. They can also be super tough to fill, but after struggling with a few feedings, I quickly figured out that the easiest way is, before filling, to move the clips to the same side of the bag to which the other end of the strap is attached. This allows you to open the bag really wide. Once full, move the clips back to the other side, so your horses cannot open them and stick their heads inside. The straps would be better placed on the corners (hint, hint). As for the velcro - really, for a horse? My nine-month-old colt figured out how to pull that apart on day two! Now that I've used these for a few weeks, I really like them. They are a bit of a pain to fill with large flakes (100-110 lb. bales) - two squeeze in with persistence, but no way will they fit three, unless you have the 40 lb bales (wish we had them here). I have taken to clipping together the D-rings from opposite sides of the bag after filling to keep the bags closed, so that the horses cannot stick their heads inside

  • - April 06, 2016

These are the best. Used to have so much wasted hay but not any longer. My friend suggested using Nibble Nets which are twice the price. Just ordered 2 more so I can be gone all day long & not have to worry about horses having enough to eat.

  • Erin A - February 02, 2016

My horse is an avid hay net destroyer. We've gone through 4 different brands of hay nets in the last 6 months and this one has been the best by far. Very well made and very sturdy. Have used it for about a month so far with not one hole, tear, or frayed area, which is a new record for my destructive mare. It fits aprox 2 flakes of hay and is easy to fill and easy to hang. Definitely recommend!

  • Suzanne - January 30, 2016

Wow! Totally durable! Straps are sewn in a way that does not allow the material to rip apart when food driven gelding dives into it! I wish I would have tried this bag first before I had bought others!

  • Alexis W - January 21, 2016

I love these bags. Easy to load. The horses haven't been able to kill them yet. Slow to empty.

  • Holly Mecalis - December 02, 2015

These are great bags for half the price of other brands. Easy enough to fill and hang nicely from pipe rails. Also comes with a warranty which gives piece of mind. Tack Wholesale's service was great and delivery was spot on. Highly recommend!

  • Deb - November 14, 2015

We have four horses and have tried numerous types of slow feed bags and nets over the past three years. This is one of the better hay bags on the market. The body of the bag is very well constructed. The weakest point of the bags is the straps and specifically the way the D rings are attached. A simple improvement by the manufacturer would be to stitch the straps next to the D rings, rather than tying them. Our Palomino Quarter Horse managed to rip the straps and rings off the first day he ate from this hay bag. All was not lost; we're now using bungee cords to replace the straps. Still, for the price of this hay bag, the straps should be improved. The velcro closure at the top of the bag works great for the first few days, but after it collects hay and dust, the velcro is useless. The bag holds enough for one feeding per horse and is easier than most to fill.

  • Karen - November 09, 2015

I purchased two of the super tough 4 sided slow feed hay bags….and we're LOVING them! Two horses are super happy and I have less clean up so I'm super happy too!!

  • Charlene Couch - November 08, 2015

Tough, easy to load!

  • Mark - October 19, 2015

Great product! My horse is notorious for ripping apart hay bags, and these ones have held up wonderfully! Very easy to fill and easy to hang. The four-sided design is great for horses that like to flip their bag around.

  • Laurie Hansen - October 17, 2015

These really are super tough ! Even a hay bag destroyer is no match for these.

  • Charlene - September 30, 2015

I wasted my time and $ on another brand of slow feeder bags that my horses destroyed 24 hours. Tack Wholesale's patent-pending SLOW FEED BAG (cat. # 71-7125) is the way to go. Durable, easy to use. Buy some for your trailer, too!

  • P K - September 28, 2015

The best hay bag I've had. Sturdy and reduces the amount of hay lost on ground, not completely, but better than many others.

  • Theresa N - September 28, 2015

I have 4 horses who always pull the hay out of feeders and waste it. These bags have prevented it. They are much easier to fill and hang. Love the fact that if my horse destoys one of them, it will be replaced for a year

  • Karin K - September 28, 2015

My favorite slow feeder bags. Excellent quality. Strong!

  • Wendy M - September 28, 2015

Very good quality and works as expected. This was a better option than the slow feed hay net as it doesn't lose shape or lengthen (which may present a hazard for a horse to catch a leg through) as it is emptied.

  • Cheryl A - September 18, 2015

This bag will last forever and my horses love it. I just bought my second bag. I love the colors.

  • Cheryl - September 05, 2015

I bought this item through Amazon Prime. It's an amazing hay bag. When I bring in my horse for his supper he ignores the feed in his bowl and goes right to his hay bag. It occupies him for hours on end and I've been able to stuff as many as 4 1/2 flakes in this big bag. It's made out of the same tough materials that nylon halters are made of. There's no doubt it will last forever. I just sent for another one for my other horse. I should also add that it saves me on stall cleaning and shavings. Now I don't have to sift through the shavings trying to get all the pieces a hay out of it, wasting good shavings in the process. It's just so clean and neat in the stall and any hay that does fall on the ground -- my horse gobbles them up. Buy this hay feeder bag and you won't be sorry! One more thing – – my horse loves to rub his head on it when he's got an itch. I know he would recommend it as well.

  • Heather - August 18, 2015

I recently bought two of these bags and so far so good. They are durable and easy to load. I don't anticipate these bags falling apart anytime soon. If I could suggest any improvements it would be to offer a larger bag and also to use a snap and strap in place of the Velcro in the middle. Overall, I am very pleased with the bags and would buy again.

  • Alvi A - August 12, 2015

This is my second bag. Waited to test the first and I am very pleased. Holds a lot of hay.

  • Sandra S - August 12, 2015

Product just as described. Horses a bit confused at first but adapted very quickly.

  • Michele - July 31, 2015

I have been very , very pleased with the Super Tough sided slow feed hay bags. The things I love are the price :) , how durable the construction is , they are easy to fill , I do not have the waste of hay on the trailer floor like I used to have and are great to use at shows . I fill them , hang and my horse can basically graze . Again I do not have the waste of hay in the stall floor .

  • Joann D - July 27, 2015

I purchased the super tough four sided slow feeder 6months ago, and I'm sure glad I did. It is holding up beautifully, holds 12lbs easily, and I love the all around access that my horse has unlike the 10 other horses in the barn. The holes are just the right size at 1.5 inches. I plan on getting 2more. All the products I have bought thru Tack Wholesale have been great products! Thank You

  • Wendy - July 06, 2015

I have two of these and love the durability. The round one I would not buy again as it is too hard to load. My biggest complaint was the the square one smelled so horribly of mold that I had to wash it IN THE WASHER with vinegar so I could even put it in my trailer.

  • Terri - June 29, 2015

Love these hay bags. Love that the come in purple! And, they are super easy to fill and hang. I purchased two of these bags, and I will be back when I need more. I highly recommend these.

  • Kimberly A - June 28, 2015

We've been using these for a few weeks, and so far, so good! I like that they keep the horses busy and eating at a more natural pace. It says 2-3 bales but we just use for one bale... and it goes in nicely.. can't imagine trying to fit 2 or more.

  • Jennifer Messer - June 28, 2015

Holding up well. Smaller openings but not overly challenging!

  • Kristy Wheeler - June 23, 2015


  • Christy - June 22, 2015

Great bag! Best one I have tried. We take it to horse shows all the time. Easy to fill, hang and carry.

  • Wendy Bungert - May 17, 2015

The bag is awesome BUT it came smelling very badly of mold. I washed it and laid it in the sun aand it helped but did not totally fix it. Needless to say, as a person with mold allergiea, putting it into my trailer for camping is a problem

  • Sue Egolf - March 10, 2015

This is the best slow feed hay bag I have tried. It is easy to fill and durable. I purchased the first one a little over a month ago and it shows no sign of wear. I liked it well enough to purchase another one. My only suggestions would be to have a clip in the center instead of velcro to keep the center closed and to make the bottom strap removable.

  • Jodie M - February 24, 2015

I have been using mine everyday for about a month and it is holding up great! Would definitely recommend this product.

  • Rhonda Dunlap - February 15, 2015

They are okay, not really slow so good for horses that arent used to slow feeders and for throwing in stalls at horse shows I liked them.

  • Charlene Couch - February 05, 2015

Love this slow feeder! I have tried others and they failed quickly, but this design is sturdy, easy to hang and fill, and has a warranty!

  • Heather Schmitt - January 15, 2015

They work GREAT!!!

  • Laura - January 01, 2015

I bought 5 of these slow feed hay bags for my Icelandic sheep. I attach the filled bags to my portable sheep shelters in the pastures. If hay is thrown on the ground, sheep will walk all through it and waste a large percentage. I am saving hay/money by having the hay up off the ground for the sheep to munch on all day/night. I can also take them with me to the shows and fiber fairs!!! LOVE this product!!

  • Sarah Tuck - December 11, 2014

These are very well made, sturdy hay bags. They help save hay and increase the time that my horses have hay since they have to eat slower. The price is reasonable for the quality received. Thanks for a great product as other ones considered looked flimsy and my boys would have ripped them up quickly!

  • Winnifred W. - December 03, 2014

Delivered well ahead of time, product exactly as described...can't wait to use it.

  • Kim Cosman - November 17, 2014

Absolutley love these. Excellent price and very well made.

  • Rane\' K - October 27, 2014

LOOKS LIKE QUALITY My "Tough-1" from Rural King NOT SO MUCH for my AQHA Filly :(

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