41 reviews for Winter Turnout Draft Horse Blanket 600D Derby- Heavy Wt
  • Diana A - June 17, 2014

This is a big blanket and came in the mail immediately. Quality is excellent for the price. I have two large draft horses and finding a size 100 for 99.00 is excellent. My horses are happy.

  • Lisa S - June 17, 2014

This blanket did exactly what I needed it to, It was not as sturdy as some of my previous blankets, however, finding the size I needed ("96") at this price made it a great buy. So far it has held up well

  • Alia - April 02, 2014

Love the product, wish it was Alberta winter durable however!

  • Jim Robbins - February 25, 2014

very nice product

  • Jonathan B - January 21, 2012

Great Product. Great customer service.

  • Betty Whisler - January 07, 2012

This was also a gift. He recently received a Clydesdale horse as a gift, so I assume both he and the horse are enjoying it!

  • Kara - December 28, 2011

Ordering my second one - my Percheron stallion loves it but he managed to pull off one of the leg strap fasteners so i need another one for him to wear while I get repairs done! Very durable - he wears it out in the pasture and rolls in it often with no damage. The waterproofing works great and he stays super dry.

  • David S - December 28, 2011


  • Joel D - December 24, 2011

Thanks my Draft horses say THANKS

  • Heike Bartlett - December 22, 2011

they look really nice

  • Karen Willis - December 08, 2011

Great blanket...could've done with the 100 size for our 18.2 hand clyde but the blanket itself is great.

  • Karen Willis - December 08, 2011

Great blanket

  • Crystal N - November 09, 2011

Great fit, glad you carry hard to find sizes.

  • Weatherly C - October 22, 2011

Great Blanket, Super happy!

  • Dotty - October 18, 2011

I just bought two for my Clydesdales. They fit like a dream. Fast shipping too.

  • Kathleen C - October 05, 2011

Fast shipping Thanks so much A+ seller will buy again!

  • Cathie Mcg - May 11, 2011

Blanket is great quality, fits well, quick shipping Thanks

  • Stefanie H - April 08, 2011

Great seller will definitely order from again :-)

  • Laura Shea - March 14, 2011

Overall nicely made. Our big mare did seem to be bothered by the straps as they rubbed her legs.

  • Laura Curtis - March 09, 2011

great blanket, light weight but warm

  • Kelly Ploch - February 23, 2011

Wonderful item--and 2 for 1?? What's not to love? While one is getting cleaned, my big Percheron can lounge around in the other! thanks, Kelly

  • Jeanne Rogers - February 16, 2011

The blanket is fine for regular size drafts. I have an unusually large draft horse and the blanket doesn't come close to fitting him around the neck. I can't even buckle it closed. I have to use bailing twine to keep it closed.

  • Laurin Bartlett - January 27, 2011

Not the quality I was expecting or hoping for. Although we regularly use blankets and know how to use them properly a leg strap came off completely within the second week of use. It's a fine blanket, but not a great blanket.

  • Jim S - January 18, 2011

Great price and quality we bought a 2nd blanket for the price

  • Susan G - January 18, 2011

Fair pricing and shipping.

  • Katherine - January 10, 2011

bought this blanket for my percheron fits quite well now i need to get more for the 2 belgians that i rescued.

  • John Tisa - January 10, 2011

Looks like a nice blanket, unfortunately husband did not use your measuring info. and the blanket he ordered is too large. It was very disappointing that the blanket could not be returned for a smaller size. I've just ordered another one (order #37503) so it would be great if you would apply the coupon for completing this review, to that order. Thank you.

  • Tony Z - December 15, 2010

Great blanket. Better than I thought. Fits my 17.2 Shire fine!

  • Leslee T - December 11, 2010

FAST SHIPPING-smooth transaction from start to finish!!! A+++++

  • Betsy R - December 04, 2010

Great sturdy blanket. Speedy delivery.

  • Adrienne Bourque - November 28, 2010

thank you for the great sale. i have 4 drafts and they love their new blankets. the arrived just in time for the cold winter weather we got.

  • Laura Hellman - November 18, 2010

Nice blanket, just wish the chest straps had re-inforced holes

  • Kara Stacy - November 18, 2010

It fit my big guy very well!!! He seemed pleased with it, but it hasn't been cold enough yet for him to have to wear it. The true test will be how well it holds up!!

  • Cynthia Carlson - October 02, 2010

Excellent customer service. I even received a phone call to figure out the size of cinch I wanted to receive. Thanks.

  • Jenn K - September 16, 2010

great blanket!

  • Lauren Risby - January 27, 2010

These blankets are great! My horses generally rip them by the 3rd wear and they are still in great condition!

  • Joanne Bouchard - January 04, 2010

Very nice blankets,

  • Bea Linn - April 09, 2009

great fitting, well made at a good price The blanketa fit both our Persherons very well and stay in place.

  • Dawn Wikel - February 12, 2009

Loved it! Great fit and quality. Arrived quickly. Very pleased. Thank you!

  • Jana Hofmann - January 15, 2009

Nice blanket. Keeps our big percheron warm. Easy to take on and off.

  • Sherry Zimbaldi - January 12, 2009

This is a very nice blanket and our horse loves it and so do we.

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