45 reviews for Derby Horse Fly Masks with Ears HB Plaid Closeout Sale
  • Mary Tenbusch - May 08, 2017

These look like they will last more than one season. Thanks!!

  • Karl Cripe - July 27, 2016

Looks to be high quality. Like the larger ear cover. A+

  • Don Swindle - July 07, 2016

works great

  • Chantel Freeman - May 21, 2016

Does the job! Bigger than I would've thought. Wish the ears were smaller. Thanks

  • Jane Stansbury - May 10, 2016

Great item! Sportsman designed and made, without the middle man!

  • Schelly Magnani - April 19, 2016

I little bigger then I thought but they should work. Thanks.

  • Karen Frederick - January 04, 2016

Excellant quality

  • Shelly Mcconnell - December 30, 2015

very good quality, sale price was excellent

  • Shawna R - September 19, 2015

The ears seem a bit big, but it will do the trick. Good value here. Similar quality as other brands I have used. I refuse to spend over about $15 for a fly mask that rarely lasts over one season in my area, so I am very happy with this one so far.

  • Barbara Prenen Lee - July 10, 2015

I really like these, they hold pretty well considering my "girls" are really hard on fly masks. I'm about to order another two for a backup.

  • Carole H - July 17, 2014

Thank you! Fits my horse perfectly! Fast shipping too!

  • Mary L - June 04, 2014

item as described, very fast shipping would do business with this seller again

  • Jacqueline - April 24, 2014

Good quality, quick serice. Sturdy, durable, as well as eye catching fly mask. Doesnt rip off

  • Patti - May 13, 2013

I got this mask for my friends horse and she loves it! It is a very well made mask. It fits perfect and as I said is very sturdy. These masks are the best made masks I have ever bought and you can not beat the price. I have bought the very expensive masks and this one beats them all!!!

  • Phil F - September 26, 2012

Quick shipping. Smooth transaction. I highly recommend this seller !!!!!!!!!

  • Nanaj H - August 31, 2012

Great price, fast shipping, will buy from seller again

  • Valary D - August 23, 2012

excellent trans

  • Janice F - August 21, 2012

great fly masks - fit my big-headed boy just perfect - fast shipping - thanks

  • Lana Bowser - February 25, 2012

Very attractive, even has the hard-to-find draft-size.

  • Shannon King - August 10, 2011

love this! The ears are huge which is what I was looking for. Normal size ears seemed to irritate my gelding. This is perfect!

  • Andrew P - July 16, 2011

Great product and business. Will do business again with this seller. Great deal!

  • Kiersten M - April 13, 2011

So Cute!!! She looks like a giant Burberry Easter bunny!

  • Sandra Mcl - November 09, 2010

great mask , tough, and seems comfortable for horse

  • Tracy K - October 16, 2010


  • Mic Abrams - October 06, 2010

Fits well, & works fine for last week or so. Not enuff time used yet to determine how durable it is.

  • Chad H - September 04, 2010

Great item at a great price, highly recommended!

  • Kathleen H - August 24, 2010

Excellent Seller! All masks were perfect! Great price. Highly Recommend!

  • Linda S - July 31, 2010

This seller makes SURE you are well looked after GREAT product & service 5 stars

  • Jessin Blossom - July 29, 2010

Good quality. But ears are almost mule size! Extra large or draft size fits my 17h TB fine. Had the regular size and it was way too small.

  • Tina M - July 24, 2010

My horse looks so cute!

  • Deadra Barnett - June 23, 2010

works great. ears are stiff and large. nice fit on the head

  • Mamawsmith3 - June 11, 2010

Great mask.

  • John Morissette - June 07, 2010

great item

  • Laurie Page - May 23, 2010

Good quality & fit. Ears are really long

  • Kelly Gilroy - August 19, 2009

very nice mask

  • Stephanie Budny - July 31, 2009

It fits my mini very well- the ears are a little too stiff so they stick out to the side and he can't really move his ears but other than that, it's great!

  • Lucy Andrews - July 05, 2009


  • Neil Cinquemani - June 27, 2009

Good value as best I can tell .

  • Jill Davis - May 25, 2009

ears too stiff, should be more flexible for horse to bend ears

  • Christine Hays - May 13, 2009

the ears were a little stiffer than i would have liked, but outherwise very good quality.as good quality as more expensive masks of other brands i have bought in past

  • Cynthia Stairs - April 24, 2009

Loved it. Great quality! Fantastic price. It fits my horse very well.

  • Tom Mckellar - April 22, 2009

Nice product and good service....Thanks

  • Margery - September 02, 2006

I just received my Fly Mask in the mail today and was very excited to see it is even better than the description online!! It is a great product and the delivery was very quick! I was expecting my order in a couple of weeks, instead it took only a couple of days!! Very nice, thank you!

  • Jenna - August 01, 2006

Wonderful masks!! I purchased the Derby Originals Flay Mask with Ears and am very pleased with it!! Not only is the product impressive, but the delivery was very quick!!

  • Jack - May 15, 2006

Thank you so much for the great Derby Originals Fly Mask!! It is a great item! The quality of the fly mask is impressive. Some fly masks are very thin and wear out easily, but this one is very durable and has stood up some bad weather!! I am very impressed with the product quality!

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