Lunging is an essential exercise for both the horse and handler and is a great way to improve flexibility, help with muscle gain, and to teach your horse respect and obedience from the ground. Lunging is also a great way for you to burn off your horse's extra energy and allow them to become more relaxed and focused between rides or before a ride. Check out our selection of different sizes and styles of lunge lines to find the product that best suits you and your horse's needs.
Derby Originals Flat Nylon Leather Reinforced Lunge Line Replaceable Brass Snap
This is a flat nylon lunge line with leather reinforcement on both ends, a rubber doughnut, and a...
Cotton Lunge Line with Solid Brass Snap & Rubber Donut 25'
Strong and durable 25' cotton lunge line. Features a handy rubber donut stitched to the hand piece and...
Weaver Flat Cotton Lunge Line 1" X 30'
From Weaver Leather, this flat off-white cotton lunge line features a durable nickel plated snap end. 30' length,...
Two Tone Cotton Lunge Lines with Brass Snap & Donut 25 Ft - Closeout
This lunge line is made of quality cotton and is 25' long. Constructed using 3 braided strands 5/8"...
Mustang 24' Flat Nylon and Leather Lunge Line
Handle your horse in style with this nylon and leather reinforced lead. Features a replaceable brass plated snap...
Mustang Braided Lunge Line
Braided Lunge Lines by Mustang is constructed of 1/2" round line with a tooled leather butt and brass...
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