Derby Originals Premium Safety Reflective 1000D Mesh Horse Fly Boot Pair - Provides Protection from Insects and Increases Visibility at Pasture

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Derby Originals premium safety reflective fly boots were designed to not only repel biting pests and allow for better healing of leg wounds thanks to their breathable mesh construction but to also promote safety through increased visibility. These mesh fly boots are the only fly boots on the market that feature a powerful reflective construction that lights up when you shine a light on it, making your horse more visible in the pasture or on the trail.


DESIGNED WITH YOUR HORSE’S COMFORT IN MIND - our premium reflective fly boots were designed to be breathable, lightweight, comfortable, offer relief from insect bites, and are made with non-heat transferable fabrics.

IDEAL FOR FLY SENSITIVE HORSES - these fly boots are impervious to almost all biting insects and will help to prevent the coat loss, itchiness, rashes/hives, and other symptoms many horses experience from fly bites.

GREAT FOR WOUND MANAGEMENT - these fly boots aren’t just for protection from flies, but their open mesh construction makes them ideal for using to protect healing leg wounds as they can allow the wound to breathe without risking pests.

SAFETY REFLECTIVE DESIGN - these fly boots are the first of their kind and are the only fly boots that feature a reflective design to increase your horse’s visibility and promote safety in the pasture or while riding.

DURABLE 1000D CONSTRUCTION - these fly boots are made from a super tough 1000D mesh that is extremely tear and rip resistant and was designed to hold up strong for long term use.