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Derby Originals Supreme 4 Sided Slow Feed Hay Bag Patented with Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty*

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Derby Originals Patented Four Sided Hay Bags are Designed with Your Horse’s Comfort in Mind! Our patented hay bags are the result of careful study to create a design that is attractive, functional, durable, and high-quality, so that you can rest assured your product will last long and look great for years to come. Our hay bags are made of a strong 1200D double-layered nylon pp tape that is UV resistant, can withstand high temperatures, is mildew-resistant, and dries quickly.

EXCLUSIVE PATENTED DESIGN - our premium hay bag features a patented four-sided design that allows your horse to eat from any part of this hay bag, while also offering superior air flow, & allowing dust & debris to exit the hay without creating excess waste

HOLDS 2-3 HAY FLAKES - this 24x24x9” hay bag will hold approx. 2-3 flakes of hay, depending on the hay type and flake size, and how dense the hay is packed. These hay bags are rated to last the average horse 12 hours and are ideal for providing hay all day.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - this hay bag is made of super tough 1200D nylon and features premium hardware and straps, reinforced bar-tack stitching, and a total of 174 cross stitches across this hay bag to allow it to withstand whatever forces your horse exerts on it.

THE IDEAL SLOW FEEDER - this hay bag features 1.75” by 3.5” rectangular openings around the sides of the hay bag which allows your horse to eat comfortably while also slowing down their rate of consumption to a more natural, grazing type pace. This helps to support proper digestion and prevent colic.

ONE YEAR LIMITED MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY - this product comes with a one year limited warranty that guarantees this item is free of manufacturing and quality defects. Register your product online at within 15 days to activate your warranty.

Bag measures 24" x 24" x 9"

For more details about the warranty, please visit the manufacturer Derby Originals website. Registration must be done online on manufacturer's website within 15 days of purchase or the warranty will be voided.


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