Derby Originals Deluxe Series 600D Ripstop Waterproof Medium Weight Winter Turnout Horse Blanket

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Derby Originals Deluxe Series Turnout Blanket

Our Deluxe Series 600D Ripstop Waterproof Medium Weight Winter Turnout Horse Blanket was designed to offer a high-quality but reasonably priced turnout blanket with the classic features most sought after by horse owners: a tail cover, shoulder gussets for more free and uninhibited movement, a fleece wither protector to prevent mane and wither damage/rubbing, elastic leg straps, and crossed belly surcingles. These blankets also feature a 600D ripstop nylon outer shell, which is perfect for turnout, horses that are rough on their blankets, or for horses who’s stable or pasture mates like to pull on or damage blankets. These blankets were also designed to be adjustable and fit other equines such as donkeys and mules, and have sizing in Pony and Cob sizes as well as traditional horse sizing.


Waterproof Construction: this blanket is made from a waterproof nylon material covered in a  teflon coating. These blankets are guaranteed to be fully waterproof unless the blanket is ripped/torn, or the teflon coating is damaged through improper washing or cleaning, or abuse of the blanket.


Key Features:

  • RIPSTOP NYLON OUTER SHELL - this blanket features a 600D ripstop nylon construction that is extremely tear and cut resistant, meaning that you can leave your horse in the barn or at pasture without worry of a blanket tear.
  • THE PERFECT WINTER BLANKET - this blanket is the perfect winter blanket for almost any horse and climate, due to it’s highly adjustable and classic features, hefty 250g of Polyfil, and sturdy ripstop nylon shell.
  • COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE FIT - this blanket features a shoulder gusset for an advanced freedom of movement, a soft fleece wither protector, and a soft 210T nylon inner lining to prevent irritation on the hair coat.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE - this blanket is available in three classic colors: Purple with Lavender Trim, Black with Grey Trim, and Hunter Green with Gold trim.
  • ONE YEAR LIMITED MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY - this blanket comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty through Derby Originals, which protects against manufacturing and quality defects.


    Sizing Information

    This turnout sheet is sized in the same manner that you will size any other horse blanket: by measuring, in inches, from the center of your horse’s chest, to the end of your horse’s rump. If your horse is in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up to the closest available size.

    Product Information

    Blanket Style: Turnout Blanket

    Waterproof: Yes

    Breathable: Yes

    Weight: Medium Weight

    Material: Nylon

    Denier: 600D

    Ripstop: Yes

    Tail Cover: Yes

    Wither Protector: Yes

    Shoulder Gussets: Yes

    Polyfil: 250g

    Inner Lining: 210T Nylon

    Belly Closure: Crossed Surgincles

    Leg Straps: Crossed Elastic

    Colors Available: Purple, Black, and Hunter Green

    Sizes Available: 57”, 60”, 62”, 64”, 66”, 69”, 72”, 75”, 78”, 81”, and 84”



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